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linear equation

In 1990, the cost of tuition at a large Midwestern university was $93 per credit hour. In 1999, tuition had risen to $210 per credit hour.Determine a linear equation  to represent the cost of... more

Systems of Linear Equations Questions

Find all solutions to the following systems of linear equations: (a) x + y = −5 2x − 4y = −4 (b) x + y − z = 1 x + 2y + 2z = 1 2x + y − 5z = 2

Linear Systems Equation Solutions Questions

Determine how many solutions each of the following linear systems have:(a) 6x + 8y = 5 −2x + 9y = −6 (b) 5x + 2y + z = 4 −x + 8y + z = −2 (c) 2x − 3y = −1 3x + y = −4 x − 7y = 2 (d) x + 3y + 3z = 3... more

Algebra Choir Ratio Problem.

The ratio of females to males in the choir is 7 to 4. If twelve males and three females are absent from a particular practice, the ratio of females and males is five to two. How many members of the... more

Basketball Formulas

The formula T = 3x + 2y + f can be used to calculate the total number of points made in a basketball game where: x = number of three-point goals y = number of two-point goals f = number of free... more

Analyse the case below in regard with the linear programming technique

A good example of how to use operations research analysis is to consider the plight of farmer Jones. He must decide how many acres of corn and wheat to plant this year. One acre of corn... more

How do i solve this question? what equation am i using

The demand curve for a product is p=60 - 0.0005q where p is the price per unit and q is the quantity demanded. How many units must be sold to achieve sales of 1200000?

Calculating damage output in a video game

I have a character in a video game with 2 different sets of items. A normal attack does 800 damage, a critical attack does 1,5 times that, so 1200. The character has a certain attack speed, and a... more

Systems of Two Linear Equations: Help plugging in plots.

So currently I'm learning about Systems of Two Linear Equations. I have to write an equation (y = mx + b) and use the points (24, 16). What would I input in the equation?

solve for me pls

Two factory plants are making TV panels. Yesterday, Plant A produced 5000 fewer panels than Plant B did. Two percent of the panels from Plant A and 5%of the panels from Plant B were defective. How... more

Family of lines equation, need help

I'm super confused with this question: a family of lines have equations of the form 3x+by=12, where b is a non-zero number.Find the equation of the line perpendicular to 3x+by=12 at the point... more

J is 24 less than22


Solving a word problem involving a sum and another basic relationship using a system of linear equations

The sum of two numbers is 53. The larger number is 15 more than the smaller number. What are the numbers?


Solve the formula for the specified variable.

I need help in solving this. V=1/3πr2h; h the 1/3 is a fraction.


if 2w -1 =2 what is the value of w(expontent2) -1


Linear Equations

Can someone please help me solve this problem! "Sally has a part time job mowing lawns so she can save money for a new car. She charges $5 per hour. Write an equation to model this situation."... more


Intersection of 5x+2y=43 and -6x+3y=-30


For each problem, set up an equation and solve it using the balance method.

For each problem, set up an equation and solve it using the balance method. a) the perimeter of a rectangular car park is 88 m. If the length is 12m more than the width, what are the dimensions of... more


Is this a linear or quadratic function?

y = (x+1)(6x-6)-6x^2 Linear or quadratic? What's the linear term? Constant term?


Can someone help me solve this linear programming problem?

A calculator company produces a scientific calculator and a graphing calculator. There is an expected demand of at least 60 scientific and 80 graphing calculators each day. Because of limitations... more


algebra 1 word problem

1 3 4 5 6 7 44

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