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Square Roots Algebra 2 College Algebra


Because of​ Earth's curvature, a person can see a limited distance to the horizon. The higher the location of the​ person, the farther that person can see. The distance D in miles to the horizon...

can be estimated by D(h) = 1.22 times square root h, where h is the height of the person above the ground in feet. Find D for a 3-foot tall person standing on level ground. For a 3 foot tall person... more


Finding the value of x using the Pythagorean Theory

For what value of x is the triangle a right triangle?A= x+3B= 9C ( hypotenuse) = x+6Find the value of x

Finding the distance using distance Formula

You and your friend are standing back-to-back. Your friend runs 20 feet forward and then 15 feet to the right. At the same time, you run 12 feet forward and then 9 feet right. You stop and throw a... more
Square Roots Algebra 2


how do i explain to my child how to solve l Squared = 1296 is the same as l=36

other than trial and error - how do you solve for l from that point?
Square Roots Algebra 2


If a terminating decimal is a perfect square, how about repeating decimals? Are they perfect squares or not and why?

We are learning about Square Roots and Perfect Squares, so we are also learning about how to identify or determine if rational numbers are perfect squares. (especially decimals)
Square Roots Math Algebra 2


The function f (x ) = x is translated 2 units left and 5 units up. If g(x ) represents the transformation of f (x ), what is the equation of g(x ) ?

The function f (x ) = x is translated 2 units left and 5 units up. If g(x ) represents the transformation of f (x ), what is the equation of g(x ) ?
Square Roots


How can a square root be a solution?

I am seriously sturggling right now. My professor asked for an exact number, the square root was involved in the answer.The question was: What is the (square root of) 28.The answer was: 2 times the... more
Square Roots


Is the square root of 13 a rational number or an irrational number ?

Is the square root of 13 a rational or irrational number ?

Square root math word problem

One leg of a right triangle measures √5 in. long and the triangle’s hypotenuse is 7 in long. Find the exact length of the other leg.
Square Roots Math Algebra Word Problem


A baseball diamond is in the shape of a square. The distance from home plate to first base is 27.6 m. What is the distance from home plate to 2nd base?

I looked in the answer key and it said it was 39.03m and I am really confused. 
Square Roots Math Precalculus Functions


Given f(x) find:

Given f(x) = 1/x-2 and g(x) = sqrt(x+3):   1.) Find f(g(x)) and DO NOT rationalize the denominator:         2.) Find the domain of f(g(x)):    


Solve 3 x 2 − 3 √ (2 3 √ x+4 3 √ )=0 3x2−3(23x+43)=0 by completing the square

I don't know how to do it and would like an explanation of how to do it. 

√3x + 1 - 3 = 7 How is this solved?

Note 3x + 1 are the only numbers inside the square root I don't understand i really need the help
Square Roots Math Math Help Radicals


(1 - √5)(2 - √5) Simplified

√ = square root symbol  also I am not entirley sure how to simplify this  could use the help


9√3 +2√3 Simplified

√ = square root symbol
Square Roots Math Math Help Radicals


√24x^5 simplified

the √ is supposed to be the square root symbol and 24x^5 is under it 
Square Roots


Evaluate the expression 8-4y for y= 10. is the result a real number? ( the number is a square root)

I would like it to answer as quick as you can because  I'm really struggling with this and its due tomorrow and my teacher won't answer her phone.
Square Roots Units Digit


How many whole numbers have a square root whose units digit is 4? I am completely lost. I never learned this in school

In this question the units digit is 4. What is a units digit and how do i find the answer to this problem? I want to know the process so I can solve these problems in the future.
Square Roots


When sqrt(0.005) is written as a decimal, what is the hundredth digit?

The answer is of course 7 but the thing is I am not allowed to use calculators to solve this. Can you show me the fast method?
Square Roots


find the square root

find the square root of -25

Inverse Functions: Quadratic, square root

Consider the function f(x)=x^2+6 for the domain [0, infinity)   Find f-1(x), where f-1 is the inverse of f.   Also, state the domain of f-1 in interval notation
Square Roots


Evaluate an infinite staircase of square roots of square roots plus square roots .

This is an expression involving a concatenation of overlapping square roots of square roots,   x =  √16¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯              ... more

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