Jack N.

asked • 03/01/16

Please help me with the following 3 questions on linear and include all steps.

1) Find the equation of the line:

a) Through the point (5-,8), parallel to the line 2x-7y=2
b) Though the point (4,0), perpendicular to the line 2x-7y=2

2) Solve the following systems of equations for x,y,z:

a) 2x+y+z=6

Thanks so much for your help!!

1 Expert Answer


Candace S. answered • 03/01/16

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A day without Math is like a day without sunshine!

Jack N.

Thanks so much for your help Candance. For questions 1 (a and b) the textbook had a different answer to yours.
the answer for a) 7y-2x=66
                      b) 2y+7x=28
Not sure if you did something wrong or something. Can you please take a look.
Thanks again


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