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is there such a thing as an irrational number?

irrational numbers are numbers that don't repeat and don't terminate. but is there actually such a thing? at a certain point, it will definitely repeat no? so is there such a thing as an irrational... more

Rational and irrational numbers

Given the set of real numbers x, such that x<2,   a. Provide an example of a rational number in this set   b. Provide an example of an irrational number in this set

is 0.4 over 0.8 a rational or irrational number

whats the answer for the question i just ask

Irrational number

if √n is an irrational number, which of the following must be irrational ?   a. √n^2 b. 2√n c. √n/2 d. √2n

area is 276 square feet. The length of the pool is twice the width What are the dimensions of the pool? Round to the nearest tenth.

 Construction workers are installing a rectangular, in-ground pool. To start, they dig a rectangular hole in the ground where the pool will be. The area of the ground that they will be digging up... more

Irrational number

How to represent √18.3 on the number line?

Which of these numbers are irrational? -4,-4/5,0,0.1,square root of 5, 2.3, and square root of 25

There can be more than one answer.  Thanks in advance.

is -6.06 a rational or irrational number

i need help with my math problems of irrational numbers  

Please help me answer the following question on rational and irrational numbers.

Which of these following numbers are rational and which are irrational?   a) 5.33..... b) Pi c) 6 and 1/3 d) 0.56 e) 2.32 f) square root of 16 g) 1.038120697 h) square root 3 i)... more

The number 9 is not included in which subset

Irrational numbers  Rational Numbers Integers  Counting Numbers

prove that x²=18 is irrational. why


Which number is irrtarional? 0, -5, -1 1/6, p

0-5-1 1/6π

Which of the following correctly describes the sum of a rational number and an irrational number?

which one a b c or d   always rational both rational and irrational can be either rational or irrational depending on the rationals used always irrational

Why is -9 not an irrational number?

According to my algebra instructor, all irrational numbers are numbers that do not have square roots that are even? According to what I've found online, irrational numbers cannot be written as a... more

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