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High School: Math Math Word Problem Functions


I can't seem to figure out this problem. Can someone please help me and show me how to solve this!? IM SO LOST show me how to solve this!? IM SO LOST

Starting with the parent function f(x)=x2, Braylin adds a positive k to f(x) to form a new function, g(x) = f(x) + k. The result will be that his graph will _____ k units _____.Select 1 answer for... more
High School: Math Trigonometry Maths Area


Trigonometry - Area of triangles

A triangle has two sidesof 25cm and 30cm. The angle between the two sides is 30°. Find: a) the area b) the length of it's third side  c) the area using heron's formula   Answers: a) 187.5... more
High School: Math


solve for b C=6*a*2*b

i need help with math
High School: Math Maths Math Help


by what number should 2 to the power of -1 should be multiplied to get the product as -6 to the power of -1

please answer this question as fast you can
High School: Math Trigonometry Maths Math Help


Trigonometry - Bearings

2 hikers set out from the same campsite. One walks 7km in the direction of 043°T and the other walks 10km in the direction 133°T. What is the bearing of the first hiker from the second?   I can... more
High School: Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Word Problem


Word Problem!!!!

To keep his baseball team hydrated, Daniel mixes powdered sports drink with cold water. For best taste mix should be 96% water. If Daniel has used 16 scoops of powder and 2 quarts of water, how... more
High School: Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Equations


Simplify using long division

1. (12y2 - 39y+15+12y3 )/(2y+5)   4. (w3 - 15w-11)/(w-4)
High School: Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Geometry


Word Problems

1. A village wants to build a community center that is projected to cost 1.2 million dollars. Cost per resident is increased by $3 as it is discovered there are 225 fewer residents than when... more
High School: Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Geometry


Word Problems

1.If Samantha and Logan can do their paper route together in 45 minutes, how many hours would it take each of    the to do it alone, given Samantha is three times as fast as Logan?            ... more
High School: Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Geometry


Tell whether the table represents inverse variation. If so, write the inverse.......

If so, write the inverse variation equation and solve for y when x=40. tell how work supports conclusion     Travel time (x)     Speed (y)        36              |         50            |    ... more
High School: Math Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2


Complete the table for each function

1. f(x)=3x2 -32. g(x)= 1/9x2 3. h(x)= -x2 ive tried to do this multiple times and I feel like I keep getting the table wrong which prohibits me from finishing the questions. I made this makeshift... more


8+4(3c-1) how to solve

8+4(3c-1) how to solve
High School: Math Math Higher Level Russia


Higher Level Math Question---> Russian Lucky Numbers?!

In Russia you get into a bus, take a ticket, and sometimes say : Wow, a lucky number! Bus tickets are numbered by 6-digit numbers, and a lucky ticket has the sum of 3 first digits being equal to... more

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