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if you travel 50 miles per hour, how many feet per second are you traveling?

I need the answer in feet per second, that may be obvious. 

What would be the image of the given reflection...

What would be the image of the given reflection, r x=2 (1,-4)=( , )? How did you determine it? I need help on this so I can understand these kinds of problems in the future.

How do you write a surd as an exponential with a different base? How do you get from √128 to 2^(7/2)?

Hello!  The question in my textbook asks me to find m when √128 = 2^m   I used an app to solve the question and writing “√128 as an exponential with a base of 2“ was one of the steps Please... more

Given only two variables of a function, explain how to graph one in terms of the other

In this case, explain how to graph D in terms of y.

The school that Dan goes to is selling tickets to a play

The school that Dan goes to is selling tickets to a play. On the first day of ticket sales the school sold 6adult tickets and 16 student tickets for a total of $312. The school took in $189 on the... more

The school that Krystal goes to sold tickets to a choral performance

The school that Krystal goes to sold tickets to a choral performance. The adult ticket price was $8, and astudent ticket was $5. On the first night they made $1196 and sold 190 tickets. How many... more

Solve the following

Mr. Robinson is making a kite to fly behind his house this spring. He is trying to create a "classic" kite shape, where one of the diagonals is longer than the other. On a piece of fabric, he marks... more

Ratio Mixture

Baking Powder is made up of Baking Soda, Cream of Tartar and sometimes Corn Starch in a ratio of 1:2:1. If you need 2 tablespoons of Baking Powder, how much of each ingredient do you need?

A passenger plane flew to Antartica and back (Uniform Motion Problem)

If a trip to Antartica took 7 hours, and the trip back took 10, and the plane's speed on the way back was 210 km/h, what was the rate on the way there?

what is 0.0505 repeating in decimal form?

Please help me, when I try I always get the answer of 0.0505 in decimal form, not 0.0505 repeating.

Translate into mathematical equation. Select variables to use. ( Translating to Algebra).

l. What is the total weight of a trailer loaded with lumber, if the trailer weighs 800 pounds and the lumber weigh 10 pounds per linear foot? 2. At the mall, soda costs $1.50 and refills are 75... more

What is the slope intercept form equation of the line that passes through (3,4) and (5,16)?

answers  a. Y=6x-14 b. Y=-6x+14 c. Y=-6x-14 d. Y=6x+14

Geometry Question PLEASE HELP and Thank you!!!

In the diagram below, a || b. For lines p and q to be parallel, what is m<4? Explain.    Diagram Link : http://imgur.com/a/XimLc

Given an exponential function for compounding interest, A(x) = P(.91)x, what is the rate of change?

There are four possible answers to this problem that were given to me: A -0.09% B -9% C .91% D 91%   Thank you so much in advance. If you could please explain how you got your answer that... more

F= {y|y>4} H={y|y≤9} Find F U H and F ∩ H using interval notation

It is a question having to do with interval notation and I really need help. 

Math High School

A car averages 27 miles per gallon. If gas costs $4.04 per gallon which of the following is closest to how much the gas would cost for this cart to travel a 2,727 typical miles?

Two sports cars are 675 miles apart and traveling toward each other. The first is going 65 mph and the second is going 85 mph. How many hours will it be -

- before the two cars meet? Write your answer a a decimal.  Please Help!!

Mrs.Chandler invested $75,000. Some was invested in bonds that earned a 5% profit, and the rest was put into stocks that earned 8% profit. How much did-

Mrs. Chandler invest in bonds if her total profit on both types of investments was $4,380?  Translate the word problem into an equation then solve. Please Help!!

Write an equation of the Ferris Wheel

Sydney wants to ride a Ferris wheel that has a radius of 60 feet and is suspended 10 feet above the ground. The wheel rotates at a rate of 2 revolutions every 6 minutes. (Don’t worry about the... more

At her latest concert, she was Bitsy was only able to sell 910 tickets for a total of $15,620 (barely enough to pay her agent). If regular seats cost $18.50 -

And mezzanine seats (the only other option) cost $16.25, how many mezzanine tickets were sold?

Using present value and future value to determine repay

Farnaz must repay her $17000 student loan. She can afford to make monthly payments of $325. The bank's interest rate is 7.2% compounded monthly. Determine how long it will take Farnaz to repay her... more
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