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High School: Math Math Algebra 1 Statistics


Can someone please help me with this statistics word problem?

You have been saving the same amount of money every week. If you have been saving five dollars more than a number for five weeks less than that number, how much money have you saved so far? Explain... more
High School: Math Math Algebra 1 Area Of Rectangle


If the area of a rectangle is 5l3 + 5l2w - 2lw - 2w2, find its length and width. A = lw

Please explain your reasoning. 


Worded indicies problem- Find temperature of liquid

When a liquid is placed into a refrigerator, its temperature T°C at a time t minutes is given by the formula T=T*10^-kt The temperature is initially 100°C and drops to 40°C in 5 minutes. Find... more
High School: Math Math Algebra 1 Algebra


Wally blew 1/4 of his income last week on video games and 1/8 on fast foo. If he spent a combined $84 on these things, what was his income last week?

Translate the word p into an equation then solve. Please help!!
High School: Math Math Algebra 1 Algebra


Gisele has $5.90 in quarters and nickels. If she has 16 more nickels than quarters, how many quarters does she have?

Translate the word problem into an equation then solve. Please Help!!
High School: Math Math Algebra 1 Algebra


Two sports cars are 675 miles apart and traveling toward each other. The first is going 65 mph and the second is going 85 mph. How many hours will it be -

- before the two cars meet? Write your answer a a decimal.  Please Help!!
High School: Math Algebra 1 Algebra Word Problem


Mrs.Chandler invested $75,000. Some was invested in bonds that earned a 5% profit, and the rest was put into stocks that earned 8% profit. How much did-

Mrs. Chandler invest in bonds if her total profit on both types of investments was $4,380?  Translate the word problem into an equation then solve. Please Help!!
High School: Math Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2


Two numbers have a sum of 24, and 7 times the first number minus the second number is equal to 16. What is the smallest number?

I'm supposed to translate the word problem into a system of equations then solve. Please help!!
High School: Math Math Geometry Math Help


Find the sum of the interior angles in an octagon.

High School: Math Algebra 1 Question


Algebra 1 Study Guide Question Please Help

Write x2 - 8x + 13 = 0 in the form (x-a)2 = b, where a and b are integers. 
High School: Math Algebra 1 Approximate Values


What are the approximate solutions

What are the approximate solutions of 2x2 - 7x = 3 rounded to the nearest hundredth?    A. No real solutions  B. x = - 0.77 and x = 7.77 C. x = -0.39 and x = 3.89  D. x = -3.89 and x = 0.39  ... more
High School: Math Algebra 1 Functions Ninth Grade


Determine the reasonable domain

A food packet is dropped from a helicopter and is modeled by the function f(x) = -15x2+ 6000. The graph below shows the height f(x), in feet, of the food packet at different times x, in... more


At her latest concert, she was Bitsy was only able to sell 910 tickets for a total of $15,620 (barely enough to pay her agent). If regular seats cost $18.50 -

And mezzanine seats (the only other option) cost $16.25, how many mezzanine tickets were sold?


Beachcomber #1, found only a few seashells along the shore. Beachcomber #2 found 7 more than Beachcomber #1. Beachcomber #3 was the best of all. He found 5 -

more than Beachcomber #2. If all three Beachcombers found a total of 82 seashells, how many did Beachcomber #1 find?



Find a transformation that maps the square [0,1]X[0,1] onto the rectangle whose vertices are (0,1), (1,0), (4,3), and (3,4).
High School: Math Algebra 1 Maths Functions


Functions Math Question

If f(x) = (x-1)2, show that f(p+a) = f(1-p)   Please show me how to solve a problem as such, thank you!
High School: Math Geometry Maths


In a kite ABCD, AB=AD; BC = CD; CAD = 40 and CBD = 60. Calculate (a) WZY (b) XWZ (c) WYZ (plz answer fast.)

Please help me. first you need to draw the diagram of a kite and then find the answers  i need it ASAP for my school because it is a project which goes in the mid term test mark :(
High School: Math Algebra Equations Maths


Find f(x+h) given f(x)

If f(x) = 3x2+5x-2, find [f(x+h)-f(x)]/h   I got an answer of 1, but I'm very skeptical of my answer :') Please help!
High School: Math Math Algebra Inequalities


Solving an inequality

Solve the following: a) 25 ≤ x2 b) (2x-3)/(x+1) ≥ 1



Factorise completely: a4-13a2+3b


Use differential equation and given point to find f(x)

Use the differential equation and the given point to find f(x).    dy/dx= (-48)/(3x+5)^2             Point: (-1,3)


Inverse proportion

4. At a constant temperature, the volume of a gas V is inversely proptional to its pressure p. By what percentage will the pressure of a gas change if its volume increases by 25%?   all I know is... more
High School: Math Math Pre Calculus Ap Calculus


The point (-3, 3) lies on the terminal side of an angle in standard position. Find the value of theta in degrees.

Anybody know how to solve it and what's the answer?

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