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Why can’t polynomials have negative exponents?

Polynomials cannot have a variable as a demonenator because that would mean it has a negative exponent. My question is why it cannot have a negative exponent. The simplest answer would be appreciated  more


Solve the following

1.find the value of Of each of the following, giving your answer an integerLog64+Log692.Let Log3P=6 and Log3Q=7Find Log3(P/Q) By expanding the logarithm 3.Solve the equations below using exponents... more


I’m trying to create a real world problem using power rule



Solve by rewriting each side of the equation as a power with the same base.

2x+2 - 2x = 48


The side length of a square is 9.6x10^5

to find an area of a square is A=a^2, but i can’t find the answer? Or my answer is wrong. please help me! Well appreciated. 


If 10^2y = 25, determine the value of 10^-y , where y>0.

If 10^2y = 25, determine the value of 10^-y , where y>0.


4 rules of exponents

This problem consists of multiplying exponents,


Is 6 and negative 6 considered the same base? (in reference to combining powers with the same base)

When^ dividing or multiplying powers with the same base, you just add or subtract the exponents. If I had an example -6^3 divided by (-6)^2, or 6^3 divided by (-6)^2, can I subtract the exponents?... more


Simplify each expression. Write answers using positive exponents.

(9x7y-5/3xy4)-2 (3x4y9/2x-2y-6)3   Please show solution thank you!!!


How many books must the publisher produce and sell so that the production costs will be equal the money from sales.

The one-time fixed costs will total $30,912 . The variable costs will be $8.50 per book. The publisher will sell the finished product to bookstores at a price of $19 per book. How many books must... more


How do I factor problems with multiple exponents and operations?

Here are 2 examples of the problems I am struggling with:   16(11x-13)^2 - 25(2x+7)^2   (2x+3)^7(5x-1)^30(8x+1)^3 - (2x+3)^5(5x-1)^30(8x+1)^5


Evaluate (6.87 x 10negative4) - (5.98 x 10negative4)

In scientific notation


what is 4.625 as a mixed number in simplest form

4.6625as a mixed number  


Find all values of b that will make the polynomial a perfect square trinomial: 25z^2 + bz + 9

Use a comma to separate answers.


I want to express (1+i)^11 in algebric form by using the trig functions within the process...

For some reason 1+i = root 2 * e ^ pi / 4    which i dont understand how so I would like an explanation for this...


simplify (a2b4c)3

the 2 4 and 3 are exponents


Find the solution of the following exponential equation (please answer asap)

2^(18x)=4^(11/2x -5)   inside parentheses means it part of the exponent.


(3ab^2)(a^2 c^5) i need help i dont understand it

i dont understand it even tho my teacher explained it please help me 


What is the greatest factor of 11^17 + 17^11? How do we solve such type of questions?

I've come across many such questions. I wanted to know if there is a shorter way to solve such type of questions, or we have to use the traditional way of first calculating both the numbers and... more


If a exponent is within parentheses and than one on the outside, how do I simplify it ?

(5^2)^3 in an equation similar to this, how would I simplify it ?


what is -4 ^2 (-4 squared). Online calculators are telling me it is -16.

I understand that -4 ^2 means -4 * itself, -4. this would mean the - cancels out and you are left with 16. However, all these online calculators are telling me it is -16. How? When I punch in -4 *... more


I need help with a word problem

The braking distance d (in feet) of a car is divided into two components. One part depends onreaction time. The number of feet for reaction time is about the same as the speed of the carin miles... more


How to solve this quadratic equation with the quadratic formula? Help?

Could someone help me with this question step-by-step using the quadratic formula? 3x² + 24x – 144
1 2 4 6 7 12

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