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Finding cycle of 3 nodes ( or triangles) in a graph?

I am working with complex networks. I want to find group of nodes which forms a cycle of 3 nodes (or triangles) in a given graph. As my graph contains about million edges, using a simple iterative... more


What are the coordinates of the x intercept of the line 3x - 4y = 12 ??

Show ur work pls. Need this ASAP


Solve each system of inequalities by graphing.

1) 2x + 3y < (or equal to) 6 3x + 2y < (or equal to) 62) x + y > (or equal to) 9 3x + y > (or equal to) 123) 5x + y > 10 2x + y < 15I don't understand what it... more


Find the eaquation

Dire subscribes to an internet service on her first bill she was charged $16.20 for 18 hours and on her second bill she was charged $17.75 for 23 hours of service? Find the eaquation and graph


Functions, Domain, Independent/Dependent

The annual cost of health insurance H as a function of age a is given by the function H(a)=22.6a-119.2 for 15 is less than or equal to a is less than or equal to 90.What are the independent and... more


The point (-1,2) is in the____quadrant.

Elementary algebra homework help


Solve the graph

A basketball coach bought 20 basketball for a total of $700. If the practice balls cost $30 and the game balls cost $50, create a linear system to show how much of each ball the coach bought. Solve... more


Find the value of k

Find this value of k such that the graph of y= 2(x-3)^2+k will pass through the point (-2,55).


how many times does the graph of p(x)=x^(3)+3x^(2)-x-3 cross the x-axis



f(x) = x- 5 translate 4 units to the left

How do you translate the graph 4 units to the left 


Graphing line equation

What are equations for the vertical and horizontal lines passing through the point (2,-7)


absolute change

The graph shows the amount of profit, in millions of dollars, for a large company in Seattle. The horizontal axis shows the year, and the vertical axis shows profit (in millions of... more


What is the slope of a line that runs parallel to y = 2 x + 5?

please and thank you


What is the exponential growth rate if the graph passes through these points?

Points the graph passes through: (0, 0) (1, 7882.96) (72, 567554)Exponential growth equation: y=abx


Does each set of points have a linear relationship? (-6,-4),(-5,-2), (-4,0),(-3,2)

 How can I solve this without using a graph? 


Which graph represents the relationshil between the number of gallons of milk and the number of pounds of cheese that can be made from milk?

A cheese manufacturer uses 65 gallons of milk to make 52 pounds of cheese. The weight of the cheese is directly proportional to the number of gallons of milk used to make the cheese.


The intersection of 2x+4y<6 and y < -4

Graph the inequality. 


What are the solutions to the equation f(x) = g(x) ?

Let f(x) = x + 2 and g(x) = 2^x + 1 .Graph the functions on the same coordinate plane. What are the solutions to the equation f(x) = g(x) ? Enter your answers in the boxes.x = ____________ or x... more


please explain how to solve this, its about differentiation

given f(x) = -1/4 * ln3 * (x-1)^2 * (x-4)^2 and let us define g(x) = f(e^x) the solution for the following eqution g(g(x))=g(x) has 6 different solutions, why?   i guess the question is asking... more
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