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Need help with this asap pls!!

Create a round object to hang in your window that will touch the midpoints of all four edges of your window (think about what shape your window must be so that a circular object will touch the... more
Graph Precalculus


Rational function 4x^4-2x+3/2x^3-6x^2+1

4x^4-2x+3/2x^3-6x^2+1I need to find the vertical asymptote, horizonal asymptote or slant asymptote. I graphed it using a online graphing tool and it looks really weird, cannot figure out the... more

How do I find the quadratic function for a parabola when given the vertex and two points?

Vertex: (1,-3) ;; Points: (-1, 4) (3, 4) ;; (OPENS UPWARDS) vertex: (3,-1) ;; Points: (1, 3) (5, 3) ;; (OPENS UPWARDS) vertex: (1, 5) ;; Points: (0, 2) (2, 2) ; (OPENS DOWNWARDS)
Graph Algebra Slope


I need help wiht a couple of questions, they will be listed below.

Use an equation to find the value of  so that the line that passes through the given points has the given slope.  (1,3), (5,k); m=2 (−2,k), (2,0); m=−1 (−4,k), (6,−7); m=−15 (4,−4), (k,−1); m=34


Josie wrote the function f(x)=(x-4)(x-3)(x+2) to model the graph below. Explain where Josie went wrong.

https://imgur.com/a/tgQmRiohere is the graph given


The cost, C of filling a car with fuel is directly proportional to the number, N litres of fuel purchased.

Please help i don't understand a) Write the variation equation relating C, N and the constant of variation, kb) If the cost of 32 litres of fuel is $40 find the value of k.c) Find the cost of... more


How to solve 8x-6y=24

The graph for showing the y intercept

Solve the system by graphing. Explain the process. Y=3x. Y-4=3x

Solve the system by graphing. Explain the process. Y=3x. Y-4=3x
Graph Precalculus


From the graph. What is (fof)(x) at 𝑥=1?

A graph showing an open point at (3,2) and a gap followed by a closed point at (1,2) and open point at (3,4). There is an outlier closed point at 4.Using this information, draw the graph and figure... more
Graph Math


equations of line parallel and perpendicular to given

Consider the line -5x-4y=6.(a) Find the equation of the line that is parallel to this line and passes through the point(7, -5)(b) Find the equation of the line that is perpendicular to this line... more


Please help ? Determine, with support, a rational function of the form f(x) = g(x)/h(x) that has the following features. Justify your thinking for full marks.

x − intercept: x =2/3y − intercept: y = −4point discontinuity (a hole) at (4, 4)a horizontal asymptote at y = 6a vertical asymptote at x = −1


Find the distance between the 2 points: (-5,3) and (-2,-3)

This is for school please help and show work


Find the distance between the 2 points: (-5,3) and (-2,-3)

This is for school please help and show work


*Calculus Need Help ASAP Pls!* Find the area between the graph of ...

Find the area between the graph of  and the x-axis for the interval (0, ∞). Your work must include the proper notation and show the antiderivative. If the integral diverges, show why.


*Calculus Please Help ASAP!* Find the x-value where f attains its absolute minimum value on the closed interval from x = -2 to x = 6.

The figure below shows the graph of f ', the derivative of the function f, on the closed interval from x = -2 to x = 6. The graph of the derivative has horizontal tangent lines at x = 2 and x =... more


Quadratic Functions

Graph f(x)=2(x+2)2−4.


I need help on these two parts, my graphing calculator is not graphing the equation it just states error 14, please help its due today.

An appliance manufacturer estimates that the profit y (in dollars) generated by producing x cooktops per month is given by the equation y = 10x + 0.5x2 − 0.001x3 − 4000, where 0 ≤ x ≤ 450.(b) How... more


college algebra

Starting with the graph of f(x)=2x, write the formula for the function that results from(a) shifting f(x) 1 units downward. y=   (b) shifting f(x) 1 units to the right. y=   (c)... more

why is the graph of y = -2^x downwards?? how is that possible?

i was studying exponential functions and im very confused...

College Algebra

The graph of the parent function   has been shifted both horizontally and vertically. Give the equation of the translated graph pictured below.


Please help me asap

Given the following graph, write the intercept form of the function. Then transform it into the standard and vertex forms.
Graph Algebra


Describe the graph

Describe the graph of 

x-y=4,5x-3y=8.How would I graph these?And is it consistent,dependant,or inconsistent?

I want to graph it .I need 3 ordered pais that satisfy the equation.

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