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College Algebra

The graph of the parent function   has been shifted both horizontally and vertically. Give the equation of the translated graph pictured below.


Please help me asap

Given the following graph, write the intercept form of the function. Then transform it into the standard and vertex forms.
Graph Algebra


Describe the graph

Describe the graph of 


x-y=4,5x-3y=8.How would I graph these?And is it consistent,dependant,or inconsistent?

I want to graph it .I need 3 ordered pais that satisfy the equation.


Exponential Models

The population of a certain city was 120,000 in 2014, and the observed doubling time for the population is 19 years. a) Find an exponential model n(t) = n02^t/a for the population t years after... more


Difficult Graph Problem

Find the inverse of the function. (Enter the domain using interval notation.) f(x) = (x + 9)2,   x ≥ −9How would you put that in a graph?


Exponential Decay Question

A tumor is injected with 0.7 grams of Iodine-125, which has a decay rate of 1.15% per day. To the nearest day, how long will it take for half of the Iodine-125 to decay?
Graph Math Geometry


Use a sketch graph and the formula for perpendicularity criterion to find the equation of the line perpendicular to the original line passing through (3, 11) and (5, 19).

Either point can be used in work. Please show all working.PLEASE HELP ME, I NEED THIS ANSWER IN THE NEXT HOUR OR TWO!! THANK YOU SM!!


Draw a graph representing h = 1 + x - (x^2 over 40) where x metres is the horizontal distance travelled by the ball from the bat.

The height, h metres, of a cricket ball after being struck by a batsman, is given by the equation; h = 1 + x - (x2 over 40) ...where x metres is the horizontal distance travelled by the ball from... more


Graph the piecewise defined function f(x)= 1-x^2 if x < 2 and f(x)= x if x > 2

Graph, and find domain & range. Note: On f(x)= 1-x^2 if x < 2 , if x<2 is equal to as well. (Could not find symbol on keyboard). 


Possibility Graph

A point (x,y) is randomly selected such that 0 ≤ x ≤ 8 and 0 ≤ y ≤ 4. What is the probability x+y ≤ 4? Express your answer as a common fractionHint: A graph is very helpful
Graph Math Algebra 2


Identify the system of inequalities as bounded or unbounded.

Graph Math Algebra 2


Identify the system of inequalities as bounded or unbounded.

Graph Math Algebra 2


Please help me with this

Identify the system of inequalities as bounded or unbounded.  
Graph Math Algebra 2


I'm not sure how to do this....

Which of the following points is within the solution region?(-5, 4); (2, 5); (-5, -2)  
Graph Math Algebra 2



Identify the vertex of the system of inequalities.  
Graph Math Calculus


Consider the region between the graph of f(x)=x−2 and the x-axis on [2,4]. For the line of rotation given below, use a definite integral to find the volume of the resulting solid.

Around the line x=7 The volume of the solid is___________? PLEASE show work!! STEP BY STEP!!!


Given two equation, find intersect point, enclosed area and need to sketch graph!

Determine each of the following.i. Sketch 𝑦1 and 𝑦2 in the same graph.ii. Shaded the area of the region bounded.iii. Find the intersection points.iv. Find the enclosed area.


Sketch the Graph

Sketch the graph of f(x) = x^4 - 4x^3 + 1Please show all work


What is the difference between domain of x/x and 1?

if f(x) = x/x and g(x) = 1, then f(x) = g(x). But why is the domain of f(x) is all non-zero all real number and g(x) is all real number?
Graph Math Algebra 2


Need help with this maths equation!

The coordinate pairs below represent points on the graph of a quadratic function. None of the points are completely identical.(-p-1, (h2+28h)/3); (-2,(-h+p-1)/2); (3,-(p2)/4); (-11,1-11p); (-5,7);... more
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