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Graphing Math Trigonometry


Write an equation for a ferris wheel problem

Hi, I've been struggling with this question for weeks despite having adequate knowledge of the topic. If anyone could solve this for me and provide an explanation it would be greatly appreciated.A... more
Graphing Calculus


Drawing Graph of Function

Hello! So I need a graph of a function drawn where f is incresing and concave up on (-inf, -4) and where f is increasing and concave down on (-4, inf). Thank you!
Graphing Math Geometry



A circle goes through points A, B, C, and D consecutively. The chords AC and BD Intersect at P. Given that AP=6, BP=8, and CP=3, how long is DP?
Graphing Math Algebra 1


How do I graph exponential functions? very confusing!

Which is the graph of y=2(3/4)^x?Can u please graph this and explain how you graphed it*this is exponential*
Graphing Math Algebra 2


Describe end behavior of the graph of a function

Describe the end behaviour of h(x)=-3x^4+4x^3+10x^2-8x+7 SEPARATE Question:Describe the end behaviour of h(x)=-14x-11-14x^4+10x^2-6x^7
Graphing Math


You start at (4, 5). You move right 1 unit. Where do you end?

Graphing Calculus Graph


Sketch the Graph

Sketch the graph of f(x) = x^4 - 4x^3 + 1Please show all work

Understanding Graphing Transformations

I can not understand how to graph equations using the transformation properties of a graph. I have been trying to get it to line up on the MyMathLab program and keep getting a wrong answer.How do... more
Graphing Algebra 2


Algebra 2 points

Find all the possible values of k so that (-1,2), (-10,5), and (-4,k) are the vertices of a right triangle(I want someone to show me the work and also how to do this problem because I have a test... more
Graphing Algebra 2 Algebra


Parabolas and Graphing functions

Let the graph of g be a translation 6 units right and 8 units up, followed by a reflection in the x-axis of the graph f(x)=x^2 - 4x. Write a rule for g.
Graphing Math Algebra 1


Graphing Parabolas

For the following quadratic functions, state the transformations that have occurred to the parent function, state the vertex and whether the parabola will open up or down and sketch the curve by... more
Graphing Algebra 1


Graphing Functions??

Graph the function. Describe the domain and range.1) f(x)= 4x^2 + 16x + 132) f(x)= -3x^2 - 12x - 9
Graphing Algebra 2 Parabola


Find the equation of the parabola

A parabola has an equation of the form y=ax2+bx+c. It passes through the points (0,3), (1,0), and (3,0). Find the equation of this parabola in the form y=a(x-h)2+k. I don’t know the steps of how to... more
Graphing Algebra 2


i don't know how to get the equation right

Mia had $22. Then she started to receive $4 a week as an allowance. She plans to save all of her money for a bicycle and draws a graph of her planned savings. Mia lets x represent the number of... more
Graphing Algebra 2


graphing equations

how to correctly graph y=2x2−8x+3
Graphing Geometry Circle


How would you rotate a circle?

I know you logically don't have to, since it is a circle after all, but what would the formula be (in standard form) for a cicle (or semicircle I suppose) turned by, say, π/2 (90°)?
Graphing Math Algebra 1


Solve each system of inequalities by graphing.

1) 2x + 3y < (or equal to) 6 3x + 2y < (or equal to) 62) x + y > (or equal to) 9 3x + y > (or equal to) 123) 5x + y > 10 2x + y < 15I don't understand what it... more
Graphing Math Algebra 1


The debate club needs $240.00 to attend a debate tournament. The club decides to sell cups of iced tea and lemonade at baseball games.

Iced tea will be sold for $.50 per cup and lemonade will be sold for $.80 per cup. Graph the equation. Use your graph to find three different combinations of cups of iced tea sold and cups of... more
Graphing Math Trigonometry


Find three integer solutions to the following equation: y=-2x

Am I able to choose any number to plug in? Or am I thinking about the wrong solutions...


Solving systems of Linear Equalities

Vance wants to fence in a rectangular area for his dog. He wants the length of the rectangle to be at least 30 feet and the perimeter to be no more than 150 feet.
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