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Find the values of x such that f(x)<h(x) given f(x)=1-4^(2-x)[(1/2)^(x+3)] and h(x)=8^x

Find the values of "x" given: f(x)<h(x) f(x)=1-4^(2-x)[(1/2)^(x+3)] h(x)=8^x
Exponential Functions Math Sat Math Algebra


Given the function f(x)=1-4^(2-x)[(1/2)^(x+3)], find the value/s of x such that f(x)<h(x) if h(x)=8^x

Hello! I would greatly appreciate any assistance in solving this problem involving exponential functions. Thank you in advance!
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If logm(ab) = 4 and logm(a/b) = 12, then find logm(a)/logmbthank you.
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Pre Calc AB What will be the population of this endangered species in the preserve after 1 year?

T = MONTHS A wildlife organization released a group of animals that are an endangered species into a preserve. The equation below models the population, P, of the species t months after the initial... more
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Pre Calc AB Continuous Growth

A new app was downloaded 175 times in its first week. Since then, the number of downloads increased by 16.5% each week. a) Write a continuous exponential growth model to approximate the number of... more
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What is an exponential function in the form y=ab^x that passes through the points (1,12) and (1,36)

I really need help ASAP
Exponential Functions Calculus


A population, P(t) (in millions) in year t, increases exponentially. Suppose P(6)=18 and P(12)=26.

(1) Find a formula for the population in the form P(t)=ab^t. Enter the values you found for a and b in your formula in the blanks below. Round your values to 4 decimal places.a=b=(2) If P(t)=ae^kt,... more
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Derivatives of Exp. Functions

Find the general formula for the nth derivative of f(x) = e^(2x). Using the formula, evaluate nth derivative at x = 2 or f^n(1/2). -----> I got f^n(x) = 2^(n)e^(2x) for the general formula but... more
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College algebra Compound Question

My math teacher only showed us how to do this problem with a ti 85 graphing calculator. thats great and all but i don't own that kind of calculator so how do i go about this question with working... more
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Question below: Need explanation. I know how to do the work but I don't really understand it

The equation of the function h is h(x)=1/2(x-2)^2. The table shows some of the values of function m. ——————————————— x ¦ 8 ¦ 10 ¦ 12 ¦ 14 ¦ —————————————— m(x) ¦ 2 ¦ 3 ¦ 4 ¦ 5... more
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Question below: This is a practice question for a bigger test, I need an explanation so I can understand. Thanks

George is considering two different investment options. The first option offers 7.4% per year simple interest on the initial deposit. The second option offers a 6.5% interest rate but is compounded... more
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Find the pattern

x y-2 .3751 1.50 61 243 96What is the pattern?________________
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What do I do in the next step?

A city’s population, P (in thousands) can be modeled by the equation P x = 130(1.03)^xWhere x is the number of years after January 2000. For what value of x does the model predict that the... more
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How do I solve this? without logarithm

A fully loaded Toyota Forerunner sells for $42,000. It depreciates 12% per year from the date ofpurchase. How many years will it take to be worth half its value?I think part of the equation is... more
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Math Question .

Does either y=2x or y=2x+1 represent an exponential function?
Exponential Functions Math Math Help 8th Grade Math


Math Question .

Carmelita's grandmother offered to sponsor her money when she competed in her swim meeting. Her grandmother said that she will give her $1 if she swims 1 lap, $3 if she swims 2 laps, $5 if she... more
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Exponential function

The temperature of hot water cools from 100 degrees celcius to room temperature of 5 celcius. After 11 minutes the temperature of the water is 30. Question I am trying to answer: Get the value of... more
Exponential Functions


A radioactive isotope has a half-life of 20 days, and decays continuously.

a. Express the amount of an initial 100-gram sample that will remain radioactive, 𝐴(𝑡), as a function of the number of days, 𝑡.b.Based on our knowledge of the half-life, we would expect that after... more
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solve for a b c and d exponential functions

suppose 𝑓(𝑥)=𝑥+4and𝑔(𝑥)=2𝑥−5 thenA.) (𝑓∘𝑔)(𝑥)=B.) (𝑓∘𝑔)^−1(𝑥)=C.) (𝑔^−1∘𝑓^−1)(𝑥)=D.) (𝑔^-1∘f^-1)(x)=
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Interpreting and Using Exponential Functions

A scientist models the number of grams of a radioactive substance with the expression 15(1/2)^(d/5), where d is the number of days since the sample was measured. After how many days has half of... more

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