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The formula, y = square root 36x gives the percent price markup of a major league baseball ticket x days prior to a game. A, B, C...

I am studying for a test, but we did not ever go over how to do these questions. A) Find Y when x = 16 and interpret your result. Is the answer 24? There is a 16 percent price markup 24 days prior... more


Squareroo Math Problem

If a natural number is entered into a new toy named Squareroo, the toy will do the following: 1) Find the perfect square closest to the number entered. 2) Take the square root of the perfect square... more


what is the domain of y=sqrt(tan(x))

y = sqrt ( tan(x) ) 
Square Root


Help... please and thank you.

I get really confused with square rooting and my teacher said the answer I got was wrong. Sqrt (x^10)
Square Root


square root stuff is not my friend! please help thank you so much. my teacher said i was wrong.

I'm told i did something wrong with this problem, my teacher gave me an example of how I'm wrong. I think i know what shes talking about but i am horrible with square rooting and stuff like that!... more
Square Root Volume Calculus 3


Find the volume of the solid

Find the volume of the solid bounded by the plane z = 5 and the hyperboloid z = SquareRoot(9+x^2+y^2) 
Square Root


Find the square root of 49729 by prime factorization

Find the square root of 49729 by prime factorirzation method chapter of class 8 square and square root  solve it.


3√3 + 2√50 Simplified

√ = square root sign 


Two sides of a right triangle are 8’’ and 12’’

find the missing side of the triangle if 8 and 12 are legs  
Square Root


Kindly help me out with the following question {sqr(a-a/(a^n+1))}

Square root problem. writing steps would be great √a-a/(an+1)
Square Root


-Square root 25= ?

I have this problem on my homework and I wrote that the answer was +/-5 because -(+5)=-5 and -(-5)=+5.  Was marked wrong and told the answer is -5. Why?
Square Root


How does the square of that approximation compared to 31?

Approximate square root 31 with a decimal to the nearest hundredth. How does the square of that approximation compared to 31?
Square Root


options are given below

The square root of x+√(x^2-y^2) Options: 1. 1/2 ×√(x+y)+√(x-y) 2. √(x+y)+√(x-y)

How to solve this quadratic equation with the quadratic formula?

I've been having trouble with this problem: x2 + 2x = 8 So far this is what I got: -2±√-28-----------     2  However I'm not too sure what to do next, help?


Need help with Quadratic Equation that you have to solve with Square Root?

Can someone help me solve this Quadratic Equation by square root? If you could do it step-by-step I would appreciate but if it's too much work then it's okay, just don't bother.3x² + 1 = 58Also for... more

Need help with solving quadratics with square roots

I need help with these, if someone could explain them step-by-step, I would really appreciate it :) 1. 3x² - 48 = 02. x² = 363. p² - 50 = 0
Square Root


If the field measures one acre and it costs $0.07 per square foot to treat, how much will the treatment cost the farmer?

a. $3,049.20b. $3,045.20c. $3,094.20d. $3,054.20     1 acre = 660 feet x 66 feet
Square Root


can i have this one with steps please?

solve by the square root property X^2=-100
Square Root Algebra 2


Is 10 a first root of 10? Explain.

Any help would be appreciated.


Use the square root property to solve the equation

( x + 6)2 = 20
Square Root Simplify Square Roots


Square root of 8x multiplied by square root of 2x equals to 144.find the value of x

Square root of 8x multiplied by square root of 2x equals to 144.find the value of xa


How can I solve this?

Square root of 64w^6
Square Root


Solve the equation. Check your answer.

√c = 20

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