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Equations Math Precalculus


Polynomial function and one factor

use the Factor Theorem to find all real zeros for the given polynomial function and one factor.


rate of plane and rate of wind

Flying against the wind, a jet travels 1980 miles in 3 hours. Flying with the wind, the same jet travels 10,440 miles in 9 hours. What is the rate of the jet in still air and what is the rate of... more
Equations Trigonometry Algebra


A value 2 times a smaller number is 2 less than a larger number . Their difference is 13. What is the larger and smaller number?

Stuck on this math problem regarding systems of equations, would really appreciate the help, thanks!
Equations Math Algebra


Please help me in this Algebra homework

Caleb invested $9,400 in two different accounts, where the first account paid an interest rate of 8%, and the second account paid an interest rate of 7%. At the end of the first year, he earned... more
Equations Math Algebra


Investment interest

Todd invests $3000 in two different accounts. The first account paid 9 %, the second account paid 12 % in interest. At the end of the first year he had earned $330 in interest. How much was in each... more


I don't understand

A bank loaned out $18,500, part of it at the rate of 9% annual interest, and the rest at 6% annual interest. The total interest earned for both loans was $1,335.00. How much was loaned at each... more


Word Equations, System as a Matrix

Suppose a burger, a shake and an order of fries cost $9.00. Two shakes and three orders of fries costs $12.00. A burger and two orders of fries costs $8.00. I was told to use a system of equations... more
Equations Algebra 2 Logarithm


How can logarithms be used to solve equations in the form 10^(mx+n)=c?

How can logarithms be used to solve equations in the form 10^(mx+n)=c?
Equations Math


What's the answer to this equation??

2x/e^(x4) - 1/e^(x2) = 0explain it with steps please.
Equations Algebra 2 Parabola


Parabola in simplest form

What is the equation in standard form of a parabola whose focus is at (-3,-2) and whose directrix is x=1?
Equations Geometry


Find the value of n so that the line perpendicular to the line with the equation -2y + 4 = 6x + 8 passes through the points at (n, -4) and (2, -8).

i have to finish this really soon please help im not sure how to figure it out
Equations Precalculus Algebra


Exponential Models

The population of a certain city was 120,000 in 2014, and the observed doubling time for the population is 19 years. a) Find an exponential model n(t) = n02^t/a for the population t years after... more



Gia is at the candy store and trying to figure out which coupon she should use. Candy costs $2.50 per pound plus an additional $0.75 charge for a candy bag. She can use a free coupon that will give... more
Equations Word Problem


How do you solve this word problem?

A rare species of aquatic insect was discovered in the Amazon rainforest. To protect the species, environmentalists declared the insect endangered and transplanted the insect to a protected area.... more
Equations Word Problems


How do I solve this three part word problem?

The spread of the Ebola virus in Africa could be modeled by C(t) =188.59e^(0.024t) where C represents the number of cases and t represents the number of days since May 1, 2014.A. Approximately how... more


how do I find out a slope intercept form equation with word problems?

so this is the problem.." Jon purchases $15 ties and he has a $10 coupon off the total amount. Write the equation to determine what he will spend in slope intercept form".
Equations Math Word Problems


A rectangular garden is 10 feet longer than it is wide. The perimeter (distance around) of the garden is 68 feet. What is the length of the garden?

A rectangular garden is 10 feet longer than it is wide. The perimeter (distance around) of the garden is 68 feet. What is the length of the garden? 
Equations Math Algebra 1


Algebra homework help

Question: Souvenir hats, T-shirts, and jackets are sold at Bob land. All aliens and non-aliens are granted admission, given they can recite the quadratic formula at the ticket counter. Three hats,... more
Equations Algebra 2


Which number line represents the solution to -3x ≤ 6?

Equations Algebra 1


Three less than the product of 9 and a number is equal to 4


Writing an explicit equation

Write an explicit sequence for 4,9,14,19,24 and what is it’s 99th term2) what is t(4)=12 t(10)=48 explicit equation and it’s 18th term


Chemistry problem about gas laws

Determine the temperature of the gas that has the following properties:R = 0.08205 L•atm/mol•K.P = 2.07 atmV = 32.8 Ln = 2.88 molI know the formula is R=(L.atm)/(mol.K) but i know the R and it is... more


Equation word problem

Aiden sold 12 more raffle tickets than Ethan in the school fundraiser. Together they sold 54 tickets. How many tickets dis Aiden sell?
Equations Algebra 1 Prealgebra


Squareroo Math Problem

If a natural number is entered into a new toy named Squareroo, the toy will do the following: 1) Find the perfect square closest to the number entered. 2) Take the square root of the perfect square... more
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