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Line v has an equation of y=–1/4x–6.Line w is parallel to line v and passes through (–6,6).What is the equation of line w? Write the equation in slope-intercept form. Write the numbers in the... more
Equations Math Algebra


Rewrite the following equations in the form Ax + By = C.

y = -x +4 y = -2x + 6 y = 5x + 7 y = 3x - 8 y = 1/2x


I need to write an absolute value equation given the provided products.

I was given the products of an absolute value equation (x=-4 or x=2) and need to write the equation to fit. im not sure where to go for here.


Help Solving word Problem

Solve using a system of equations: Alan scored 30 points, consisting only of three point shots and two point shots. He made a total of 11 shots. How many shots of each type did he make?

Mark works at a popular electronics retail store. He earns a fixed income of $18 an hour and a 5% commission on the sales he makes. 

Mark works at a popular electronics retail store. He earns a fixed income of $18 an hour and a 5% commission on the sales he makes.  Let's say, y = earningsh = number of hours worked s = amount of... more
Equations Parallel


parallel equations

which equation represents a line which is parallel to the line y=-7/2x-3?a) 7x+2y=-16b) 2y-7x=10c) 2x-7y=-14d) 2x+7y=-42


250 mL of 0.18M potassium sulfate solution is added to a 100 mL solution of 0.25 M barium nitrate. Calculate the mass of the precipitate formed.

Doing a year long review and forgot the equations for these, a walkthrough and the equations would be greatly appreciated.
Equations Chemistry Solutions


What mass of copper will be produced from 250 mL of a 0.8 M copper (II) chloride solution?

Equations would be greatly appreciated, biggest problem is that I've forgotten them and we're doing a year review.
Equations Trigonometry Maths


Trigonometry equations

Solve 6sin^2 theta +7cos theta -8 =0 for 0 degrees smaller than or equal to theta smaller than or equal to 360
Equations Fractions


Asap plz I know you saw this

Joel works at the local pizza parlor. When he works overtime he earns 1¼ times the normal rate.One week Joel worked for 40 hours at the normal rate of pay and also worked 12 hours overtime. If Joel... more


Translate the sentence into an equation

Three more than the quotient of a number and 5 is equal to 7
Equations Exponents


How do I solve? 3^(x-1) - 4 + 1/3^× =0

Equations Word Problems


Melissa is choosing a cellphone plan and wants the lowest monthly cost. Telus charges $12 per month plus $0.05 per minute for cellphone service. Koodo charges $22 per month for unlimited minutes.

Write an equation representing the total monthly cost for each cellphone service.Please help me as soon as possible! Also, please answer with steps!! Thank you!!
Equations Science Chemistry Moles


Stoichiometry work

10.0 grams of calcium is added to HCl. Ca   +  HCl →  CaCl2      +   H2How many grams of HCl would be needed to completely react with the Ca?


Write and solve the equation

1. Seven less than a number y is 82. Ten less than a number y is 19


Three-fourths of a number decreased by 19 is -1



The length of a rectangle is four more than its width. The perimeter of the rectangle is 40 cm. What are the dimensions of the rectangle?

The length of a rectangle is four more than its width. The perimeter of the rectangle is 40 cm. What are the dimensions of the rectangle?


What are the two equations we can make ? One is about the price,the other is the total rentals

They charge $2 for each video game, and $1 for each rented movie . Last week the total number of rentals was 114 and the machine made a total $177 how many movies were rented?


True or False? k = 2 is a solution to the inequality 8k + 4 > 18.  Group of answer choices

True false

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