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algebra 2 word problem

a rectangular picinic measures 24ft by 10 ft. you want to double the sites area by adding the same distance x to the length and the width


rewrite expression as a product of 2 factors

rewrite expression as a product of 2 factors: x/3rewrite as product of 5 trigometric factors (no fractions)sec^2 3x cot 2x / csc 2x


Need help on a business math problem involving factorial calculation.

I am attempting to solve a real problem for my business. We own a chicken wing sports bar. We offer four Styles of wings based on cooking/prep type...Fried Naked, Fried Breaded, Smoked and... more


Factoring out the GCF

The problem is: 2(m-1)-3(m-1)^2+2(m-1)^3 (Factoring out the GCF) If possible please explain the steps, that way I can solve these problems myself in the future.


how do you factor this?



How do you factor -1/4 out of -1/2x - 5/4y


What is the answer if I will solve x ² + 14x +48=0


How to determine the number of real roots of each equation?

How do you determine the number of real roots of the equation x2-12x-7=0


I need help with Factoring

I need some help with factoring of:-Quadratic Formula-Completing the square-Factoring cube rootsCan someone help me explain how to do these, and show an example of each one of these?


Solve by factoring

Find the dimensions of a rectangle whose width is 9 miles less than it's length and whose area is 70 square miles


How to factor by grouping?

How would you go about factoring a polynomial such as x3+5x+15+3x2?


Help me do this please

A bakery received an order for 7 similar cakes. The customer requested that the cakes be cut and packed equally in 12 similar small boxes with each box containing two slices of cake. Explain how... more


FInd expressions for the possible dimensions of the rectangular prism? V=3y^3+16y^2+5y

How do I solve this problem?


Tricks for factoring perfect cubes!

Apply SOAP to cover your signs!S = SameO = OppositeAP = Always Positive


Solving For X :

2x2 = -34×


Is 440 a factor of 72840?

I would like to know how to solve the following question: Is 440 a factor of 72840? I would have thought that this involves dividing 72840 by 440 and seeing if it produces an integer. However, the... more


The perfect square of 4a^2 - 9a + 5 = 0

The method that I use is the formula of -b± √b2 − 4(a)(c) / 2(a)And the answer that I get are: 5/9 and 4/9, however, In my worksheet, It says that the answers are 5/4 and 1.I want to know what I'm... more


Explain the steps that you would use to factor this expression using grouping 2x²+8x+3x+12.

how do i explain the steps


the product of two consecutive odd integers is 59 more than twice their sum.

Using the factoring method or the quadratic formula, How can I set up an equation and solve it to find the solutions.


Factorization. still...

Im sure im missing something. Using X as the common factor6x3 - 2x2 + 1/X2My attempt:x2(6x - 2 + 1/x)But the textbook answer shows it as x2(6x2 - 2x + 1/X3)Im not sure i agree, but im not 100% sure... more


How would i factorize this?

π√x + π/4 √x√yMy attempt: π√x is visible before and after the plus, So can it be seen as the common Factor?, with that said it may or may not look like this: π√x + π/4 √x√y= π√x (1/4√y)


When has the rocket descended 500 centimeters?

The height of a model rocket is given (in centimeters) by the formula h = −500t2, where t is measured in seconds and h = 0 refers to its original height at the top of a mountain. It begins to fly... more
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