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Could somebody help me how to factor this one?

a. 6x²-32xy+10

The floor area of a COVID patient room is 160 square feet. If the length of the floor is four more than twice its width, then what are the dimensions of the floor of a patient’s room?

a. Represent the length and the width using variable x.b. Find the length and the width. Show a detailed flow of solution.
Factoring Math Algebra 2


Fully factor the given trinomial. Do not include spaces in your answer. 24x^2+56x+32

would be best to get the awnser very quick


Setting Quadratics to zero

My teacher assigned delta math and I'm not sure which side do I set to zero; how can I easily tell?
Factoring Algebra 2


I need help factoring a 4 term equation.

I need to factor: x3-9x+5x-45I was asked to factor it, I tried to factor it using double grouping, but I wasn't able to factor it like that. I'd only be able to use double grouping if it was... more
Factoring Math Algebra Exponents


In the expansion of the expression below, the constant term is 16 128. Find the value(s) of k.

In the expansion of the expression below, the constant term is 16 128. Find the value(s) of k. I don't understand how to do this, if someone could provide help it would greatly be appriciatedx2(k/x... more
Factoring Math Parabola


How do I write an equation from a parabola into factored form?

A parabola has x-intercepts of 7 and 3 and it passes through the point (4, -9)
Factoring Algebra 1


Algebra 1 factoring

A trapezoid has a height that is equal to the short base. The long base is 6 cm more than the short base. If the area is 28 cm2, find the length of the long base.
Factoring Math


Factoring Assessment

explain the connection between factors, solutions, and x-intercepts.

Math Profit Functions

For a certain company, the cost function for producing x items is C(x)=50x+200 and the revenue function for selling x items is R(x)=−0.5(x−120)2+7,200. The maximum capacity of the company... more
Factoring Algebra 1


A right triangle's medium side is 2 yards shorter than twice the length of its shortest side

A right triangle's medium side is 2 yards shorter than twice the length of its shortest side. Its longest side is 7 yards shorter than 4 times the length of its shortest side. How long is the... more
Factoring Math Algebra 1 Algebra


The length of a rectangle is 3x−4 units, and the area is 3x^2+2x−8 square units. In terms of x, what is the perimeter of this rectangle in units?

Find the perimeter of the rectangle in units using the given information


–4w - 6 + 20w + 3 - 2k + 5 + 10k & -5(c + 4) +25 +7c

what are the steps to simplify  – 4w - 6 + 20w + 3 - 2k + 5 + 10k and -5(c + 4) +25 +7cneeded ASAP
Factoring Algebra Exponents


How come sometimes (a+b)^2= a^2+b^2. While other times it equals (a+b)(a+b)

Kinda silly question probably, but I know sometimes (a+b)2 = a2+b2. While other times (a+b)2 = (a+b)(a+b).I had to make (x+3)2 = (x+3)(x+3). I started to wonder why it wouldn’t be x2 + 9 since when... more


Need help factoring roots: Factor. One root has been given.

Factor. One root has been given.x^4 + 7x^3 - x^2 - 61x - 78 = 0; -4 + √3


(Algebra II) A rational function, R(x) has the following characteristics:

A rational function, R(x) has the following characteristics: a vertical asymptote at x = 3, a horizontal asymptote at y = 2, and a hole at (2, −2). Sketch the function and determine what it... more
Factoring Prealgebra


factor 6+27 using gcf

it said 6(2+9) was the wrong answer.
Factoring Trigonometry Algebra


factor 2sin^2(x)- 5 sin(x)+3

I'm really bad with factorization. Can someone explain me the procedure for solving this type. And if so any general rule or advice that could help me understand overall any procedure of... more


Factoring out coefficients

The expression 0.8w+3.6 factored is?
Factoring Algebra 2


Factor the expression completely.

x2y3 - x5y4


Finding unknown integers in a story problem (factoring)

The dimensions of a rectangular photograph are odd consecutive integers. The area of the photograph is 143 square inches. Find the lengths of each side.The sides are   and inches long.

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