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What is the ones ( or units) digit in 2^4000

What is the ones ( or units) digit in 2^4000


Multiplying exponents with different bases

-33 * -22    Is the answer -108? 


a student gives ab^3 as an answer when asked to write ab•ab•at using exponents. What is the students error?

please show me/explain to me what the student did wrong


If m^2 - n^2 > 0 and m + n < 0 , which of the following MUST be true? ~ (Answer choices are in Description!)

A) m - n > 0 B) n - m > 0 C) n - m < 0 D) m - n < 0 E) n2 - m2 >0


Evaluate this question

evaluate 4y^0 when y= -6   4y^0=


how to simplify ?

How to simplify with zero as an exponent.     (-4)^0-(-4)^1


Multiplying with Exponents

6(squared) * 6(4th power)=


how does one solve: 2+(3+5y^4)^6

the order of operations says to solve what is within the parenthesis first but the rules of exponents says we would handle the outside exponent (6) first. 


math help!

Nick has been looking for a new car. He decides to buy a small SUV for $35 000. It is known that the SUV will depreciate by 20% of its current value every year.a) Write an equation to relate the... more


[x^(-1) - x^(-3)] / (x^3 - x^2)

Eliminate negative exponents and simplify; can't figure out what to do when there is addition and subtraction involved with exponents. Here is the problem again:   (X-1 – X-3) / (X3 –... more


How can I solve this?

Square root of 64w^6


Algebra solving equations

please show all algebra steps: 3x-3(x-1)=162


"Suppose you are taking a true-false test consisting of 5 questions. In how many ways can you answer the questions?" Why is the equation 2^5?

 I looked up the answer online and people said it was 32.  They explained it "2^5"  I know the 2 is because it's true or false, and the 5 is because there is five questions, but why the exponent... more


how do you simplify a cubed variable?

ex. 3x^3+27x   thank you for any help





a large box measures 4 ft by 7 ft by 3 ft. Find the volume of the box. Convert your answer to in3

  large box measures 4 ft by 7 ft by 3 ft. Find the volume of the box. Convert your answer to in3


What is x in the equation: 6^4x+8 = 36^x-10?

I tried to solve it; my answer was -14. Is that right?


If 2^x=9 what is the value of 2^2x?

Can you please solve this problem with an explanation?


Algebra Exponents Problem - Have Answer Need to Understand How to Get Answer

The expression '(1/2)mv^2 gives the kinectic energy in joules of an object with a mass of m kg traveling at a speed of v meters per second. What is the kinetic energy of an aircraft with a mass of... more


Solve the following equation; 3 to the power of x = 50.

I'm completing a revision exercise as test prep and I just cannot get it to work out. Please help...


what are the steps to finding zero exponents

I need help finding exponents with zeros


How do I solve (3^2x) - (3^2+x) +18 = 0

Simplifying Exponents


Factor completely

25x5 + 65x4 - 80x3   factor completely   I came up with   5x3(5x2 + 13x + 16)   am I right??>
1 2 3 4 6 8 9 12

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