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Exponents Algebra 1 Algebra 2


Graph exponential function

Hi peeps, can somebody please help me with this exercise? I'm having a hard time with it and am going nowhere.Thank you in advance!!Graph the function  and its reflection about the line y=x on the... more


If x^y = y^x and y= 2x find x

Exponents Math Geometry


urgent math question please help!

Super confused on these two problems I'd really appreaciate it if someone helped me to understand and complete them! write sqrt16 * 2^1/4 as a single power of 2. carefully show each step of your... more
Exponents Math Sat Math


Exponent and Logarithm Help!!!

So im doing a math review for my SAT test the problem is: If s = t 1/2gt² then log t equals toa.) log s - log 2 - log gb) log (s/g)c) 1/2 (log s + log 2 - log g)d) log (sg)PS. Online course is... more
Exponents Math Algebra


How do you solve for y in terms of x in this logarithmic equation?

log x + 2 log y = 3 log 2Answers are given as y = 2 x sqrt(2/x) / -2 x sqrt(2/x) (rejected) or y = sqrt(8/x) / y=-sqrt(8/x) (rejeted)I got 10^[log10(8/x)]/2, how do I solve for y in a manner that... more
Exponents Math Trigonometry


Use logs and exponents to solve application problem

If 100 dollars is invested into an account making 3 percent annual interest compounded monthly. How long until the account contains 135 dollars? Round to the nearest tenth of a year.
Exponents Math Algebra 1


How does g(t)=3*9t change over a unit interval in t?

THE OPTIONS ARE....decreases by 9%increases by 9%increases by 9decreases 800%


Derivatives of Exp. Functions

Find the general formula for the nth derivative of f(x) = e^(2x). Using the formula, evaluate nth derivative at x = 2 or f^n(1/2). -----> I got f^n(x) = 2^(n)e^(2x) for the general formula but... more
Exponents Math Sat


Homework question help!!!!

The fish population in Looney Ton Lake is modeled by the equation P(t) = 2500(0.92)t, where p(t) represents the number of fish and t represents the time, in years, since January 2010. In which year... more
Exponents Math Sat Math


Homework question help!!!

The number of bees in a colony is modeled by the equation N(d) = 120(1.15)d, where N(d) represents the number of bees and d represents the number of days from now. How many bees should the... more
Exponents Math Sat Math


Math question #6

The population of a specific bacteria growing in a Petri dish is modeled by the function:  p(t) = 5000 (2)t/3Where p(t) represents the number of bacteria and t represents the time, in days, after... more
Exponents Math Functions


Math question help!!!!

The population of a specific bacteria growing in a Petri dish is modelled by the function p(t)=5000(2)t/8 , where p(t) represents the number of bacteria and trepresents the time, in days, after the... more
Exponents Math Sat Math


Homework question #3

Determine the y - intercept of the exponential function g(x) = 1/2 (10)xa) 10b) 0c) 5d) 1/2
Exponents Math Sat Math


Homework question #2

Identify the range of the exponential function y = 2(3)xa.) (y|y < 0, y E R)b.) (y|y > 0, y E R)c.) (y|y ≤ 0, y E R)d.) (y|y ≠ 0, y E R)
Exponents Math Algebra 1


Functions Question

g(x) = 500^2 + 30x represents which kind of function?a. linearb. exponentialc. quadratic


Interest Rate Problem

Nancy wants to invest $4000 in saving certificates that bear an interest rate of 8.75% per year, compounded semiannually. How long a time period should she choose to save an amount of $5000? (Round... more
Exponents Precalculus Graph


Exponential Decay Question

A tumor is injected with 0.7 grams of Iodine-125, which has a decay rate of 1.15% per day. To the nearest day, how long will it take for half of the Iodine-125 to decay?
Exponents Math Precalculus


exponential functions

is x^e an exponential function? The power is the same regardless of the base so would it still be considered as such?
Exponents Math Calculus


Exponential Function

Write an equation for a transformed exponential function with y int of 4 and asymptote of 1, b)is this the only possible function with the given properties?


How do you solve this exponential equations 25^(2x+3)=3125?

Answer as fractions or integers


If 5 ^ ( - x ) = 6, what does 5 ^ ( 3 x ) equal?

Exponents Calculus Variables


Stuck on Calc Question

Hello! I am stuck on this problem and am maybe overthinking it. I need to find t^(4)(n) for the function t(n)=3n^(-1/3) + 2n^(5/3)


math help please!!!!!!!

 FInd the exponential equation that goes through the following sets of points. (0, 7) and (2, 63) 2) (0, 3) and (1, 15)3) (0, 0.2) and (4, 51.2) 4) (0, -2) and (-2, -32)5) In 1983 there... more


Find the exponential value

Find the exponential value of 3x^3 =9^x
1 3 4 5 6 7 13

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