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How do I simplify 4 time the exponent 3/2?

4 (3/2). 3/2 is suppose to be a fraction in exponential value. I was not sure how to enter it. 

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You can choose to think of this as a two step simplification.

The "2" in the denominator means you'll be taking the square root of the base (4, in this case).  If the denominator were a 3, you would take the third root, a 4, you would take the fourth root, etc.  Taking the square root of 4 gives you 2.

Now look to the numerator, and that will be your exponent - in other words you will have 2 to the 3rd power (2^3), which simplies to 8 (2 * 2 * 2).

Quick recap:

  • Step 1: Take the square root of 4 (because the denominator is 2!)
  • (This will give you 2^3)
  • Step 2: Raise 2 to the 3rd power (because the numerator is 3!)

Entering it into a calculator depends on the type of calculator you are using!


Wow that helped a lot,at first i was dum as ever now i know every question since you explained in good.