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Basic math question about compounded interest

Bank A provides a curious financial instrument: a savings account that yields a complex interest rate r = -1 + 2i per year (where i is the imaginary unit, satisfying i² = -1). John deposited U$1 in... more


How many phones where shipped in 2015?

please help me with this question: 3. The number of smart phones shipped globally can be modeled by the function, y = 1.78e 1.32, where x is the number of years since 2010 and y is the number of... more


Interest Rate Problem

Nancy wants to invest $4000 in saving certificates that bear an interest rate of 8.75% per year, compounded semiannually. How long a time period should she choose to save an amount of $5000? (Round... more
Compound Interest Precalculus Exponents Graph


Exponential Decay Question

A tumor is injected with 0.7 grams of Iodine-125, which has a decay rate of 1.15% per day. To the nearest day, how long will it take for half of the Iodine-125 to decay?
Compound Interest Precalculus Algebra


How To Find the Compound Interest Daily?

How many days will it take to build $1000.00 to at least $7500.00 at 9% compounded daily? I have already know the years for this equation, but I do not know how many days would it take for the... more
Compound Interest Math Statistics Algebra


I had a 10 question practice worksheet before a test, and I am completely stumped on these last two questions. Please help?

1) Jennifer wants to invest some money now to buy a new tractor in the future. If she wants to have 350,000 available in 4 ​years, how much does she need to invest now in a CD paying 4.25​%... more
Compound Interest Algebra 2



A 25-year-old decides that her goal is to retire at age 50 with at least $1,750,000 in savings. The company investment annuity offers 7.1% annual returns, compounded monthly. What amount... more
Compound Interest Math


Compound Interest

I know the compound interest formula, and say I have £1,700 compounded for 6 years, 4 times a year at a rate of 4.3%, the end result is 2,197.35, however I want to find the value after each period,... more
Compound Interest Algebra 2


#of years of a loan?

Ty borrowed $6800 at 3.4%/a compounded semi-annually. He knows he will pay $7781.74 for the principal and interest at the end of the loan, but he cannot remember the length of the loan. How many... more
Compound Interest Finance


A person invested #6000 at 9% simple interest per year. How long will it be before investment is worth 9000 or more?

A person invested #6000 at 9% simple interest per year. How long will it be before investment is worth 9000 or more?
Compound Interest Finance


Compounded Interest Continuously

How much would you need to deposit in an account now in order to have $6,000 in 15 years? Assume the account earns 3% interest compounded continuously.
Compound Interest Algebra 1 Finance


compound intrest

alex opened a savings account 3 years ago with a starting balance of $50. Even though alex did not make any additional deposits into this account she earned additional $3.89 as interest compounded... more


Probability of phone numbers

I am having trouble figuring out how to solve this. Would you be able to help me?Local phone numbers consist of seven numerals, the first three of which are common to many users. A small town's... more
Compound Interest Precalculus


find the accumulated value of an investment of $15000 for 6 years at an interest rare of 4 percent of the money is

a. compounded semiannually b. compounded quarterly c. compounded monthly and d. compounded continuously
Compound Interest Math Help Math Problem


Math Problem Help

What annual compound interest rate is required for the debt of a compound interest loan to grow by 42% in 14 years?Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent. 
Compound Interest Math Help Math Problems


Compound Interest Loan

How many years would it take for the debt of a compound interest loan to grow by 46% if the annual compound interest rate is 2.9%?Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a year. 
Compound Interest Math Help Math Problems


Compound Interest Rates

Compute the annual compound interest rate required to double the size of a debt in 11 years. Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent. 
Compound Interest


Make a table. Suppose you put $ 2000 $ 2000 in a savings account at an APR of 8% compounded quarterly. Fill in the table below rounding your answers to the n

I was given this in one of my assignments, but I keep getting it wrong.Someone, please help asap.
Compound Interest


If you put money into a savings account that earns $126.25 over five years at a rate of 8% compounded annually, how much money did you put into the account?

I am very confused with I am doing wrong because I have seen the answer but my working out doesn't match 
Compound Interest Compound Interest Formula


How much would Jack have to deposit in order to recieve $10,000 in seven years if he places his money in an account that pays 8.8% p.a, compounded quarterly?

i dont know the formula for this question and its very confusing so i would love some help thank you.
Compound Interest


compound Interest

What is the present value of CD with 4% annual interest that matures in 1 year with the value of $3000? What is the future value? What factor would determine which value you chose to use?

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