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Quadratic Equation Word Problems Grade 10 Math


The height, h meters, of a batter baseball as a function of the time, t seconds, since the ball was hit can be modelled by the function h = -2.1(t-2.4)²+13. Read description

How many seconds after it was hit did the ball hit the ground, to the nearest tenth of a second?
Quadratic Equation Algebra Mathematics


How to find the dimension of the box in algebraic expression

How to find the dimension of the box in algebraic if its volume is 9x³-x?
Quadratic Equation Mathematics


Hi what are the steps of finding the Area of school sign.

The school sign consist of two shapes. Rectangle and triangle on its top.The base of the triangle is 2x-2 and its altitude is x+2. While the rectangle has x+3 of its height, and 2x-2 its width. The... more
Quadratic Equation Algebra Problem Solving Mathematics


Hi, I need help to understand this problem solving. Could anybody help me please.

A construction worker is repairing a window tosses a tool to his partner across the street. The height of the tool above the ground is modelled by the quadratic relation h=-5t² + 20t +25, where h... more
Quadratic Equation Word Problem


How do I factor the relation: h= -0.3d^2 +1.2d +1.5 to determine the distance between his take-off and landing

Derick who is mountain biking jumps off a ledge. His path is modelled by the quadratic relation: h= -0.3d^2 +1.2d +1.5, where h is the height above the ground and d is the horizontal distance... more
Quadratic Equation Math Algebra 1 Algebra



Write a quadratic function that opens downward and has a vertex of (0,-2)
Quadratic Equation Math Algebra 1 Algebra


Algebra 1 7th Grade Gifted ; Quadratic Equations - Baseball Question

In a baseball game, a pop fly is hit, and its height in meters relative to time in seconds is modeled by the function h(t)=4.9t^2+8t+1a.) What direction does it open?b.) For how many seconds is the... more
Quadratic Equation Math Algebra 2 Polynomials


polynomial bday project please help me

The Birthday Polynomial ProjectTask: To create, characterize, graph, and present a polynomial function that reflects you.Process:1. Identify IN ORDER the digits of the month (1 or 2 digits), day (1... more
Quadratic Equation Math Mathematics


Quadratic Translations

How can I solve the question: Determine the vertex form equation of the parabola that is congruent (same shape) to the parent parabola (y=x2), has a vertex at (-3,-7) and is opening down.
Quadratic Equation Math Quadratic Formula Mathematics


Quadratic Translations

how do you solve the question if the parent parabola is y=x2, has been reflected in the x-axis, vertically stretched by a factor of 5, translated 2 units to the left and 1 unit up. and then change... more
Quadratic Equation Algebra 1


Algebra 1- Solving quadratic equations (factoring)

How do I find the x-intercept of Y= -16x^2 + 48x
Quadratic Equation Algebra 1


Quadratic Equations

Write the quadratic equation whose roots are 4 and -4 and the leading coefficient is 5.
Quadratic Equation Algebra


Solution to Equation

what are the solutions to the equation 3x2+15x=18?Please and thank you in advance!!!
Quadratic Equation Algebra 2 Completing The Square


Solve the quadratic equation by completing the square

Solve x2+10x+16=0
Quadratic Equation Math Equations Functions


The graph shows a function f that is a parabola. Determine the following...

Question #1:The graph shows a function f that is a parabola.a) Determine the equation of f(x). b) Determine the equation(s) of . Question #2:Muhammad is disc shooting. The height of the disc, in... more
Quadratic Equation Math Functions Graphing


A quadratic function has these characteristics: x = 1 is the equation for the axis of symmetry. x = –1 is an x-intercept. y = –4 is the minimum value. Determine the y-intercept of this parabola.

Question #1:A quadratic function has these characteristics:x = 1 is the equation for the axis of symmetry.x = –1 is an x-intercept.y = –4 is the minimum value.Determine the y-intercept of this... more
Quadratic Equation Math Algebra


Quadratic Equation

An object is projected vertically in the air with a velocity of 62 m/s. Using the formula h= -4.9t^2+v0t, where h represents the height (m) and t represents time (s),When will the object be 180m... more
Quadratic Equation Algebra Graphs College Algebra


Complete the square to put the quadratic in standard form...

f(x) = x2 + 2x -8Vertex:Concave:Y/X intercept:Domain/range:Increasing/decreasing intervals:Determine intervals where f(x) > 0 and where f(x) < 0


Can someone answer part B?

A quadratic equation is given. f(x) =1+x−2 x2 (just the two is under the square root) (a) Use a graphing device to find the maximum or minimum value of the quadratic function f, correct to two... more
Quadratic Equation Math Algebra Functions


Math - Deriving Quadratic Equations and Functions

A. Determine the quadratic equation and function whose graph passes through the given coordinates in the table of... more
Quadratic Equation Math


write a quadratic equation having the given numbers as solutions/roots

the given being x=4 and x= -1/2

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