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Find the value of a

Te equation 2x(ax-4)-x^2+6=0 has no real roots. What is the smallest possible integer value of a?

Quadratic equations: variables in exponents using prime numbers

I can't find the solution, could I get some help please?22x - 24.2x + 128 = 0 thanks for the help

Write a quadratic equation whose roots are 6 and 1, and whose leading coefficient is 1.

Roots are 6 and 1 and leading coefficient is 1.

Can both of the roots of a quadratic equation be the same number?

I solved a quadratic equation and found that my answer was {2, 2}. Can this be correct? I am 95% sure I completed all the steps to solve it correctly, but I might've done something wrong. Thanks!

Quadratic Function

Solve x^2 - 12x = 0. I do not know how to solve this because there is no third term.

Quadratic transformation

the length of a rectangle is one more than the width. what is the minimum area of such a rectangle

AFDA Quadratic equation problem

Culkin hall is approximately 64 feet high. Suppose you are standing on top of the building and decide to toss a book in the air. The distance of this book above the ground (in feet) as a function... more

What dimensions would guarantee that the garden has the greatest possible area?

A gardener has 920 feet of fencing to fence in a rectangular garden. One side of the garden is bordered by a river and so it does not need any fencing.

How can I do this quadratic question? Thanks

A concert is soon holding and the venue can hold 12000 people. The minimum price is $100 and all tickets can be sold out if the price of each ticket is set to this minimum. For very increment of $1... more

Find a quadratic model for the set of values

(-2,8)(0,-4)(4,68)Answer choices:A.y=4x^2+2x-4B.y=2x^2+4x-4C. y=-4x^2-2x+4

Is this a linear or quadratic function?

y = (x+1)(6x-6)-6x^2 Linear or quadratic? What's the linear term? Constant term?

How to Solve using quadratic formula

7x2+140=0My answer X=+-2isqrt5 x2-4x=-10 My answer X=2+-isqrt6

How to solve using quadratic formula


Determine the smallest area these figures can get

Of 400 cm steel wire, one should construct a square and a rectangle where the longer side of the rectangle is 20 cm longer than the shorter side of the same rectangle. Determine the smallest... more

Quadratic Equations

Consider the quadratic equation x^2 + bx + 10 = 0, where b is a constant. Determine possible values of b so that this question does not have a solution. This question is very confusing. The answer... more
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