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isolating denominator with fractions on both sides and all variables

S/B = M/F Solve for B, I've spent the last few hours watching videos and trying to find someone who can explain how to do this but for some reason I can't find any good explanations. I've just... more


How do you find a variable in an equation?

2x+3x+(-14) = 34+2x-14 True or False and how do you find these variables step by step?


The total rainfall for two days was 11.9 inches. The first day's total was 5.4 inches less than the second day's. How much rain fell on each day?

I was thinking of addition and subtraction being included in this question. Please help me. I know variables are included.


Solve the literal equation for the variable: r+zb=m

In the equation, solve for z.


Solve each literal equation for the variable: e-a/4=k

In the equation, solve for a.


My question is : 9y-8x=2ny+7

for the ny part, I don’t know how to separate the two to get rid of the n.... show steps pls I need to see if I’m solving it right. Thx


How do I find the two variables and what is the objective function?

The employees of a warehouse work 8-hour shifts. There are two different shifts the employees can work, the day shift from 8AM to 4PM or the second shift from 2PM to 10PM. Employees earn $11.50 per... more


How to read variable names in a SAS data set?

Are there any statements\\functions capable of get the name of variables? Preferrably putting them into a column of another data set, a text field or a macro variable. **E.g.** **- Data set... more


What is the constant,Independent Variable, and Dependent Variable in the making of a solar oven

What is something that will not change in the experiment, What is something that is changed or controlled in a scientific experiment, and What is something that will be tested and measured in a... more


What is x/5 + 3 = 2


What is the y coordinate of the solution of the system?

What is the y coordinate of the solution of the system?x+5y=73x- 4y=40What is the value of x ?


What is the y coordinate of the solution of the system?

What is the y coordinate of the solution of the system?4x-y=-21y=x+6What is the value of y ?


How old am I if 500 reduced by 3 times my age is 221?

Please help I am confused.


Determine the solution to the system pf equations below? (Substitution)

------------ x=9+y x+4y-6------------


Need to understand a simplification problem for a literal algebraic equation

Quite a simple question to be honest. I am trying to solve R = (D+a-b) /b for b.An online tool that I have been using to help me out states that the first step in solving this equation is to... more


When substituting a variable in a term with an exponent, how do I write and solve it?

IE: -2x^2 Do I do: -2(x)^2, -2(x^2) or (-2x)^2 I say this because of a problem I have that says "h(x)=-4x^2 -2x+5"


evaluate the following in terms of x and y

If log p=x and log q=y, evaluate the following in terms of x and y: #1)  (log p^-4)/(loq q^-5) = ? #2) (log p^5)^−3 = ?


822 tickets sold in total, there were 72 more student tickets than adult. How many adult tickets?

A total of 822 tickets were sold for the school play. They were either adult tickets or student tickets. There were 72 more student tickets sold than adult tickets. How many adult tickets were sold?


Compute the domain of the function

Compute the domain of the function f(x)= ax−15 in terms of a. Assume a>0. Answer with an interval, i.e. [0, infinity), or unions of intervals, i.e. (-infinity,1]U(6,9), or answer simply with an... more


If tanx=−0.5 then tan(pi+x) = ?

If tanx=−0.5 then tan(pi+x) = ?


Find the values, if any for where f/g is undefined.

let f be a function that is defined everywhere and let g(x) = 25x+b with b ≠ 0. Find in terms of b, the values of x, if any, for which the function f/g is undefined. 
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