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x<y<0 which of the following inequality is always true?

a.y-x>0 b.x^2 > y^2 c. x-1/x< y-1/y d.|x|<|y|
Inequalities Math


To raise money, students sell candy grams.

ENTIRE QUESTION:To raise money, students sell candy grams. From past experience, they expect to sell 400 candy grams at a price of $4. They have also learned from experience that each $0.50... more
Inequalities Math


A solution needs to contain between 46% glucose and 50% glucose. - MATH INEQUALITIES

A solution needs to contain between 46% glucose and 50% glucose. Find the least and greatest amount of a 60% glucose solution that should be mixed with a 40% glucose solution in order to end up... more
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Solutions of an inequality

With what value of a the solutions of the inequality are all real numbers?1. 0.2^x+3 > a-22. (1/5)^x+3 > a^2-9a
Inequalities Geometry Proofs


Given the figure, prove that ∠CAK > ∠G

Note: Use Geometric Inequalities, Thank you
Inequalities Math Algebra 1 Algebra


A store is selling pants for 8.99 and shirts for 3.99. You can spend no more then $60 and want to buy at least two pairs of pants which of the following is a solution to the system of inequality

The answers are 2 pants and 12 shirts, 1 pants and 5 shirts, 9 pants and 4 shirts,3 pants and 3 shirts
Inequalities Algebra 1


1/4(h+8) is greater than or equal to 9

Inequalities Math Homework


Daniel had $25 to spend at the fair. The admission to the fair is $4 and each ride costs $1.50.

I need help on this for homework
Inequalities Math Algebra


Six times the sum of a number and 26 is at most 18.

Translate the sentence into an inequality.
Inequalities Math Algebra


The sum of a number times 8 and 16 is at least 21.

Translate the sentence into an inequality
Inequalities Math


Inequality in Two Variable

On her last 3 activities in Math 8, Jaja has scored 86, 89 and 93. What score does she need to get on her next test if she wants the average of all four tests to be higher than a 92?
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Inequality word problem need help

Sally was given $66 for a birthday present. This present, along with earnings from a Saturday job, is being set aside for a mountain bike. The job pays $5.50 per hour, and the bike costs $341. Set... more
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Need help with inequality word problem

James spends $40 to produce some pineapples. He is able to sell each one for $6. If p represents the number of pineapples he must sell to make profit, write an inequality and solve for p. Do not... more
Inequalities Math


I need help with a math problem for school.

-3(p+1) is greater than or equal to -18.
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Algebra Question Context

Sarah has x nickels and y dimes. She has a maximum of 18 coins worth no less than $1.20 combined. Solve this system of inequalities graphically and determine one possible solution. Come up with two... more
Inequalities Algebra 1


The sum of the opposite of a number and six is less than or equal to five.

Translate the sentence into an equality
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When is the statement Below true for a≠0

If a > -1 then 1/a < -1When is the statement above true for a≠0
Inequalities Math


Write the word sentence as an inequality

a number x is at most 3


Please help with this A-level question, after days I still have no idea how to reach the correct answer

Questions on Quadratic Inequalities: Solve the following inequalities, giving your answers in set notation:−x² > 4x ² − 5The answer I've been told is correct is, {x:x > −5} ∩ {x:x < 1},... more
Inequalities Math Algebra Word Problems


Please give the length of the screen of the larger LED TV

Samson Electronics Company would like to come up with an LED TVsuch that its screen is 560 square inches larger than the present ones. Suppose the length of the screen of the largest TV is 6 inches... more
Inequalities Math


Explain how to solve the inequality

Please show your steps and the state the solution.-2 (x+3) > -22


How do I solve 5x+3y>-15 ??

Inequalities Math Algebra


Solve the inequality. -7(k-4)≤-1-2(8-k)

This is for homework please help i would appreciate it

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