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Translate the sentence in too a equation

Translate the sentence in too a equationNine tines the sum of a number and 3 is 8 use the variable c for the unknown number

The sum of a number times 7 and 20 is at least -26 .

i just need help

Algebra inequalities

A number r is no less than -1.5 and fewer than 9.5 solve and graph

Inequalities(Double equations)

(x+1)(x-2)---------------- ≥0x^2+7x-8Please explain this question.Part of the answer is -1≤x≤1. But how to get the range of it? I can't figure it out. Thank you.

Translate the sentence into an inequality.

Four times the sum of a number and 24 is at most 20.

Write an inequality

Eight less than three times a number is greater than fifteen


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How do you solve equations that have more than one <>? One of the problems is below... please help!

Problem: -3 is less than 3x is less than or equal to nine Please help me the teacher hasn't taught us how to do this yet!

A number d minus 2 is less then -1

Shouldnt answer be d-2<-1


How do I solve this inequality, 4x−7 < 12 and 3x + 5 > 11?

My homework says to solve, #6. 4x−7 < 12 and 3x + 5 > 11 in algebraic form. Does this mean I solve each inequality separately and then combine both answers? If so I got: 2<x<19/4 Or... more


How many conditions should we know if we want to determine whether x > 6y?? (Inequalities question)

My teacher gave me this question, but I don't know know to solve it.Question:How many conditions should we know if we want to determine whether x > 6y??Condition 1: x >7yCondition 2: x... more


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the product of a number and 7 increased by 3


8 times the cube of a number m is at least 64


If 2x+1=9, find the value of 7x+1


solve an inequality

In your​ class, you have scores of 84, 92, 83 and 89 on the first four of five tests. To get a grade of Upper B, the average of the first five tests scores must be greater than or equal to 80 and... more


4 is greater to, less to, equal to -3 ?



-6 is less than x, and 7 is greater than or equal to x. Use x only once in your inequality


How do you know whether an absolute value inequality is an and/or function?

I know that a less than sign means the function is an "and" function, but what do the other inequality signs mean?
1 3 4 5 6 7 24

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