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What does this mean by system of equations and can you write down the equations so I can see an example?

Drew is a counselor at a summer camp and need to buy prizes for the competitions at the end of the week.:There are two groups, middle school,high school, for which needs prizes:He wants to buy at... more

I have no idea how to solve this!!please help!

Leland works part time at a car wash and earns $10 an hour. He also babysits and earns $12 an hour.Leland plans to save more than $450 and to work for at most 40 hours in a month?Write an... more

Prove inequality

1/3 < 1/13+1/15+1/17+...+1/61+1/63 < 4/3


the product of 12 and the sum of n and 3 is greater than or equal to 35

the product of 12 and the sum of n and 3 is greater than or equal to 35


Translating Inequality word problems into inequalities

Can you please translate this inequality word problems into an inequality - Trisha has $350 in her bank account and is earning $25 a day. Rhea has $200 in her bank account and earns $35 a day.... more


What are two inequalities for a future career that can be graphed on a coordinated plane that can help determine a feasible region of work that will pay well?

The X axis will be hours worked per month and the Y axis will be income in thousands of dollars. The two inequalities will be: The amount of money I want to make (Y is greater than or equal... more


How the answer is 4 here?

how many different numbers x satisfy the equation |x2-5x| =1?


A child takes a nap avg 3 hrs & gets an avg of 12 hrs of sleep at night. Nap time & night time sleep can each vary by 30 mins. What're the possible time lengths for the child's nap & night time sleep?

Hey, could I please get some help. I need the answer and an equation using an absolute value inequality. I know it may seem simple but I suck at making equations out of word problems.


Math inequality question

Jack wants to run at leaast 275 miles before the baseball season begins. He has already run 25 miles. He plans to run 2.5 miles each day. At this rate what is the fewest number of days he will need... more


can u help me make an inequality out of this sentence?

write this sentence as a compound inequality.the sum of four times a number and eight is between zero and twelve.


Inequality word problem

A cashier in a movie box sold 100 more adult admission tcikets that are at $10.50 each, than children tickets at $8.00 each. What is the minimum number of each type of tickets that the cashier has... more


Translate the sentence in too a equation

Translate the sentence in too a equationNine tines the sum of a number and 3 is 8 use the variable c for the unknown number


The sum of a number times 7 and 20 is at least -26 .

i just need help


Algebra inequalities

A number r is no less than -1.5 and fewer than 9.5 solve and graph


Inequalities(Double equations)

(x+1)(x-2)---------------- ≥0x^2+7x-8Please explain this question.Part of the answer is -1≤x≤1. But how to get the range of it? I can't figure it out. Thank you.


Translate the sentence into an inequality.

Four times the sum of a number and 24 is at most 20.


Write an inequality

Eight less than three times a number is greater than fifteen
1 3 4 5 6 7 24

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