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Solve the exponential equation. Express the solution as an exact answer in terms of natural logarithms

𝑒9−5𝑥=6981I got the decimal approximation of the answer but I have to enter the log version into webwork as well and because it is so specific about how the answer must be formatted I cannot seem... more


How do I approximate logarithms?

Approximate the logirithm logb75 using properties of logarithms, given logb2=0.3562, and logb3=0.5646, and logb5=0.8271.


Log rule confusion during : Log = 1 + Log

Log5(x2) = 1 + Log5(6) Uses rule a=logb(ba) to get log5(x2) = log5(30) x2= 30 x = square of 30 There is nothing online about “1 + logarithms” and when there is they expotentate. Why is this rule... more


Solve for x in the equation :)

log0.1(3x+5) + logx2/5= -1


Solve for x (logarithms)

3 ln x = logx e - 2


evaluate the following in terms of x and y

If log p=x and log q=y, evaluate the following in terms of x and y: #1)  (log p^-4)/(loq q^-5) = ? #2) (log p^5)^−3 = ?


Write the exact answer using base-10 logarithms.



Question about rewriting to log form

  K(t) = 50 · 0.65t   This formula can be rewritten in a form t = A log (K) + B   Do this to find the values for A and B   Could someone please help me with this one?   Thank you.


Exponential function

K(t) = 50 · 0.65t   with t the time in hours.   For this formula calculate the growth factor per 15 minutes.   And, the forumila K(t) can be rewritten in a form t= A log(K) + B. Do this to... more


Transforming exponential functions to logarithmic

D(t) = 82.5 · 0.9982t with D the number of inhabitants in millions and t the time in years. t= 0 = the year 2008   The above mentioned equation describing the exponential growth of the number of... more


Expand the expression log(z^3/sq. rt. x^5y). Each logarithm should involve only one variable and should not have any radicals or exponents.

Please Use properties of logarithms to expand the expression. log(z^3/sq. rt. x^5y)Each logarithm should involve only one variable and should not have any radicals or exponents.You may assume that... more


Help with logarithms

An economist has found the following function for the number of mobile phones (in millions) sold worldwide since the year 2014: V(t) = 1244.74 · 1.1439t t= time in years. t=0 is the year 2014... more


More logarithms

Given log54=a and log34=b, express log21.8 in terms of a and b... So how do you get two different bases from only log21.8.. are you supposed to like separate them to log29 - log25 ?


Logarithms question..

Given log25m=n, express logm M2/125 in terms of n.  Please help me


FInd the 1000th derivative of Ln(x+1)

I am struggling as i know the sequence but got no idea how to describe it mathematically!



Assume base a=10


Logarithm Rules

Use the logarithm rules to prove.... log(5/36) - log(5/9) equals -log4 Show all working


How does the base of a logarithm affect a graph?

I know what changing the base of a logarithm does graphically, but I'm having trouble trying to explain it mathematically


what is log250 to the base 10



Logarithim Question

Solve the Equations   1.log x=6   I got 100,000 but I am just checking to see if I am correct   2. log(lower)5 (regular)5^3   I got 3  


Evaluate or simplify the expression without using a calculator. ln 4√3

Show all steps.


Find the domain of the logarithmic function. f(x) = log(x+5/x-2)

Show all steps. The equation is f(x)=log (x+5 over x-2)
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