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log2 (x+4) +log2 (x-3) =3

Could someone walk me through the steps? I tried to factor to find x but it didn't work.


Solve the following log questions for X.

log(x+1)+e(x+1)= 10ln(x+1)+log(x+1)+log4(x+1)=10log(x+1)=log4(x+1)log(x-1)-4=log(10(x-1))


Solve the following log questions for X.

Logarithm Math Algebra 2 Maths


please help me with this

Use log 2 = 0.3010 and log 3 = 0.4771 to evaluate each of the following expressions.(a) log 6(b) log root 3 base 10
Logarithm Calculus Algebra


How to solve log(x) − 2?

The problem set gives one tip: Try multiplying 2 with log(e).
Logarithm Calculus Derivative


Use Logarithmic Differentiation to find the derivative of f(x)=(sin(2x))^4x

any help would be amazing


logarithm question A level maths

The question is : Given that log(x^2y) = 4 and log(x^4/y^3) = 18, find the values of log(x) and log(y).The answers are log(x) = 3 and log(y) = -2 but I just can't seem to get those answers... more


How would I answer this question?

If log2a + log2b = 3 calculate all the possible integer values of a if b is also an integer value. Explain reasoning.

Exponential Decay Word Question; how would I solve this?

2000 tons of a radioactive element was spilled into a nearby pond. The half-life of this element is 36 days. In order for it to be declared safe for swimming there must be less than 100 tons of the... more
Logarithm Algebra


What is the initial population at time t=0?

The doubling period of a bacterial population is 20 minutes. At time t=100 minutes, the bacterial population was 60,000. What was the initial population at time=0?Find the size of the bacterial... more


Using knowledge of logarithmic functions and logarithmic equations, determine the restriction(s) on the variable x in the following equation.

Equation: log(2x-5) + log(x-3) = 1Once stated and explained the restriction(s), include a solution to the equation in your response.


How many of the following characteristics can two different logarithmic functions share, while still remaining different?

Domain Range Y-intercept Intervals of increase or decrease Decide how many characteristics and explain with examples.
Logarithm Statistics


Find the equation that shows relation between 't' and 's'.

(t) (s)1 84.22 78.43 72.14 68.55 67.16 65.3



1) Expand the logarithmic expression log xy^2. *show your work*2) Condense the logarithmic expression 1/2 log x - log y to a single logarithmic. *show your work*
Logarithm Algebra 2


Exponential Equations and Change of Base Formula

Solve the following equation and round your answer to the nearest thousandth.4x - 1 = 3x
Logarithm Math Algebra 2 Algebra


Consider the equation 2^2/3=100

Solve the equation by using the logarithm base 10. Then solve by using the logarithim base 2.Compare your solutions. What are the advantages of each method? Explain.


I need help with a logarithmic equations!!!! ASAP!!!!!

log4(2x+1)+1=log4(x+5)how do I get rid of the plus one? I need a step by step please!!


Logarithm problem, help needed.

lnxlog√eex = 0.2, Find the value of x.
Logarithm Calculus


Find set of values such that stationary/inflection points exist.

Let f:→x∈ R I x2+bx+1>0}→R defined by f(x)=loge(x2+bx+1) where b∈R is a constant.a)Find the set S of values of b for which f has a stationary point. Show your reasoning.b)Find the set T of... more
Logarithm Algebra 2


What is the parent function of y=log3(x+4)-5

Logarithm Algebra 2


Solve the problems. a.5=2.25^x b. 3.5^x=10 c.2(8^x)=128 d.2x^8=128

Logarithm Algebra 2


Solve the problems. a.5=2.25^x b. 3.5^x=10 c.2(8^x)=128 d.2x^8=128

Logarithm Math Algebra 2 Algebra


Algebra 2 help :)

10x-2=75 Solve for X104x-1=35 Solve for X83x=18Please show your work and how to solve it please and thank you
Logarithm Math Algebra 2


Algebra 2 Help :)

Log2x+log2(x-4)=5. Solve for "x" with examples and show your work

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