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How do I know my college essay will positively impact my application?

First, be sure to absolutely answer the prompt. Students often go off on a tangent trying to provide positive information about themselves and it ends up not answering the question the admissions... more

PHYSICS HELP - A particle moves along the x axis..

A particle moves along the x axis according to the equation x = 2.08 + 3.01t − 1.00t2, where x is in meters and t is in seconds.(a) Find the position of the particle at t = 3.40 s.(b) Find its... more

Speaking college application wise, if a student athlete to apply to a college, could they be academically admitted, but rejected for their sport?

Here's an in-context example, a junior soccer player with a 4.1 gpa applies to Cal, yet because they do not out beat other soccer players skill wise, could they only be admitted academically? Thanks. more

Why do English spelling and pronunciation make no sense?

As a non-native (second language) learner, I find English pronunciation so very difficult.Also, learning to spell - well, it seems like there are no rules.I am very frustrated. Why does English... more

What if I can’t achieve a bachelor’s in Biology?? Help

Listen, I have wanted to go into the medical field my whole life. I know I will thrive in healthcare and that it is what I want to do; however, my issue is that I struggled with every single... more

Should I apply to college after deadline?

Long story short a college emailed me say even through the fall of 2019 application deadline has passed I could still apply. I wasn’t expecting this at all so I’m completely stuck on what to do. I... more

How to be a Doctor for the Military?

Hi! I'm currently a junior in high school in New York City and I will be applying to college next year. I have recently for the past year been seriously considering being a doctor for the military.... more

Why are more students receiving mid-year college admission, and will that work for me?

College admissions are more competitive than ever, and many more colleges are accepting students with the caveat of starting in January. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

I don’t know what to do.

So, I’ve failed all my classes freshman year attending a university and now I’m not sure what to do. I want a decent job in life but could I have messed up any chance of that happening? Also, can I... more

Which is more correct in a formal paper: go vegan or become vegan?

Writing a college application essay where I mention the time when I decided to be vegan.

how do i calculate credits? suppose i had 4 hours per week in maths, what will be the credits for it?

how do i calculate credits? suppose i had 4 hours per week in maths, what will be the credits for it?

What should your college application essay be about?

I will be applying to college and I don't know where to begin with writing my college application essay. Help!

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