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College Major Crisis

I am a freshman in college completely lost in what I am going to study/major in. My test results point to INFP, and I got a list of careers that were pretty creative and enticing. However, I am at... more


Equilibrium Question

Consider the reaction: A(aq) ---> 3B(aq) Kc= 1.28x10^-6 at 500KIf a 2.70M sample of A is heated to 500K, what is the concentration of B at equilibrium?


College Transcripts

I’m at a community college and plan to transfer to a university in the fall of 2020. I have 2 Fs from the community college but I’m retaking those 2 classes to get a better grade and so the Fs... more


Should I lead an applause after introducing colloquium speaker?

I am introducing my first speaker at my university and, since the speaker is rather famous, I wrote a 1-2 minute introduction. The crowd will be interdisciplinary and between 100-400 people.Should... more


Can we just send the same two recommendation letters to every colleges? And will I be able to look at what was written in each recommendation letter?

I'm a French student planning to go study in the United States.Most colleges in the United States seem to ask for two recommendation letters from our professors.Can we just send the same two... more


Determine the piecewise representation of​ f(x) below:

|3x-6|Equation A if x>=aEquation B if x<bI do not understand how to create the formulasi did3x-6=0x=2and i believe the domain of a would be (-infinity, 2)and domain of b would be (2,... more


Can’t I get a masters if only a bachelors is offered

i want to do a masters for a degree but only a bachelors is offered. Is there a way to get the masters?


Is it possible to transfer to another college with a different major choice?

I'm currently attending a community college for a New Media Technology major in NY, but when I finish community college, I want to transfer to a 4 year college for a animation major. Is that... more





Find the area between these curves

Hi, I need help finding the area between these curves. I get the principal of finding the area between curves (sorta) but i am mostly stuck finding out how to find the limits of the definite... more


What career paths can I pursue with Environmental + Mechanical Engineering???

I possess a deep appreciation of nature. I love to go on treks and wilderness explorations. I desire to find solutions to climate change, innovate and design more efficient systems along with... more


Which is a better measure of university quality(mostly research) - citations per faculty or reputation?

I did my own simple experiment and looked at the correlation between the two metrics for the top 19 or so universities for per capita citations, using the THES data for 2011. 0.0081 was the... more


Arts and Science / Evolution College Course Question

Hi,I'm in an Arts&Science 195 College Course and I have my final coming up My teacher wants "A 2000 word paper on the representation of evolutionary biology in a particular cultural text either... more

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