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Why does a post-doc fellowship application ask where else do I apply?

I'm applying for a post-doc fellowship, and one thing that confused me is that they ask for:> Names of other fellowships for which you are now applyingI have no problem with including them, but... more


Research proposal for postdoc applications?

I am a final year PhD student in Physics applying for postdoc. Usually institutes ask for statement of research in postdoc applications. But one of them asks for a research proposal (less than two... more

Is it usual to ask for several references for postdoc positions?

I have seen postdoc job adverts which were asking for as many as three recommendation letters, despite being supervised positions and inviting freshly graduated PhD students. Is this practice... more

Postdoctoral job search: freedom?

As I'm currently pursuing an academic job search (in parallel to the industry one), which includes potential postdoctoral positions, I would appreciate some clarifications on the following... more

If you're given an hour, is it bad to finish a job talk in half an hour?

I am applying for postdoc this year. I was given standard one hour for my job talk. I prepared for a 45-50 minute talk and 10-15 minutes for Q & A. But probably I spoke bit too fast and also... more

Is it OK to submit the same post-doctoral fellowship application two years in a row?

Last year, I submitted a post-doctoral fellowship application but didn't get it. This year, I thought about submitting basically the same research statement; slightly updated and refined, but... more

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