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In 1940s/50s how did refugees earn US citizenship?

* Does the country of origin (Poland here) make a difference? * How does a minor's status affect the process? * What were the conditions (having lived in the US for x years, etc?) **at that time**... more


Were there any pro-Native American groups during the Indian Wars?

I've recently been reading about the Indians Wars in the mid-1800s, especially as they focused towards the Great Plains. I know that a lot of people supported the army and their westward ventures,... more
United States American History War


Was Nixon's Vietnam claim right before the 1968 election true?

In Richard Nixon's final appeal to voters on NBC right before the 1968 Presidential Election, he made an explosive claim about the Vietnam war. > [Nixon] said he had a “very disturbing report,”... more
United States American History Iran


Why didn't United States replace Mohamad Rezā Shāh with another king during the 1979 revolution?

During World War 2 Rezā Shāh was forced to abdicate in favor of his son. This way, why during Iran's revolution the Carter's administration had arranged for the shah to leave Iran? Why didn't they... more


Who are the homeless?

I would like to know more about the background the homeless populations in America’s cities. These narratives should drive public policy but after many searches over the past year, I still consider... more
United States American History Economy


How were FDR's economic policies as Governor of New York contradictory?

I have read in a number of Roosevelt's biographies that as Governor of New York, Roosevelt was not so aware of how economics works. He recognized that radical change was needed to respond to the... more


How many military coups was the USA involved in continental America?

Chomsky recently pointed out that the mass migration seen on our TVs from Central America has its roots in USA meddling in the governance of countries south of its border. Q. Over the last... more
United States American History Racism


Are there precedents of 'I am not a racist' from US Presidents?

Prior to Trump, has a US President ever explicitly denied being a racist?
United States Career Development Career


How can I increase my hourly pay as a software developer?

I am a PHP developer with 3 yrs experience and got exposure in Joomla, CodeIgniter. What should be my hourly pay in U.S. and what should I do to increase it with a steady curve? Thanks.
United States American History Crime


Why didn't Nixon erase the smoking gun?

Given that President Nixon was bold enough to erase 18 minutes of the "Nixon tapes" before turning them over to the Watergate investigators, why didn't he also erase the "smoking gun," the... more
United States American History Military


Average ages of US Army officers at the turn of the 20th century?

What would be the average rate of promotion for US Army officers beginning their career in the mid 1890's as a 2nd Lieutenant? By what age could they expect to be promoted to each successive... more
United States American History


Has more than 1/3 of Congress ever opposed a war?

Basically all the bills to start a war had 90-99% congressional support from what I've seen on Wikipedia. I just wonder if there was any war that 30% or more of Congress opposed starting. I am only... more


Did families heading west ever settle along the Oregon Trail (instead of at the final destination)?

The history of the [Oregon Trail]( is well known, in that thousands of people used the trail (and other similar routes) to emigrate to western areas of... more


When did FDR announce he was running a 3rd time, and was there any outrage?

When did President Franklin Roosevelt announce he was running again for a 3rd term? And was there any shock or outrage at this? Another way of saying this: Most of the country was isolationist.... more
United States American History Japan


Did imperialist Japan ever want to annex Hawaii because of the Japanese minority living here?

Hawaii had been colonized by Japan during the 19th century, before it became an American territory. There was [an estimated 40% of Japanese in Hawaii]( more
United States American History Food


When did it become accepted to tilt your soup bowl in the US?

My mother and I are having a bit of an argument. Emily Post, my cotillion training, and the internet at large agree: if you want the last bit of soup, you tilt the bowl away from you. My mother... more
United States American History Hawaii


Why did US annex Hawaii?

Was there an economical or political reason for the annexation of Hawaii by US in 1898? It does not seem to me that Hawaii was a particularly wealthy place at that time. Did the US government need... more
United States American History Americas


Why did the United States issue the Monroe Doctrine when it did?

Why did President Monroe issue this doctrine when he did? In other words, what "caused" the Monroe Doctrine?
United States American History Law


How did the Supreme Court case Lochner vs. New York influence the U.S. economy?

How did the Lochner vs. New York case affect the U.S. economy at the time?


US history Use evidence to support your answer. Responses should be 4-5 sentences.

Why did the Soviets pull their missiles out of Cuba?
United States American History Military


Was it ever possible to join the US military instead of going to prison for a crime?

It is pretty clear that today the US military is an all volunteer force and it is not allowed to take people who are joining to avoid going to prison. Was there ever a time when a judge could... more
United States American History Racism


Was being in the KKK politically/socially acceptable in early 1900's American South?

This question was inspired by the movie _O Brother Where Art Thou_, set in Mississippi in 1937. While the events are clearly fictional, the film draws a lot of historical inspiration from real... more


Why were pre-election polls and forecast models inconsistent with the election of Donald Trump?

As it's obvious now, pre-election polling and forecast models were inconsistent with the vote count in this election cycle as not many predicted a Trump victory. Is there any particular reason why... more
United States American History Quotes


What's the history of the source of the slogan "power to the people"?

I can't find any detailed information on this phrase from a reasonable amount of internet searching.
United States American History Germany


Did the US provide oil assistance to Germany during WW2?

Some Russian guy on BBC Radio 5 (Up all night) claimed that the US had helped Germany maintain its oil supplies during WW2. At least that's what I recall of his rant. I may not have captured this... more
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