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Can I recall my US Senator or Representatives in Congress?

I live in Texas, is there an effective proceedure to recall my senator or representatives in Congress? Has an online petition ever been effective at recalling a Senator or Congressman?
United States Accounting Loans


Verification of student loan amounts?

I consolidated my student loan debt with FedLoan a year or two after graduation. Is there an easy way to verify that my current balances are accurate? Is this something an accountant would handle,... more
United States Geography Cold War


Why was the Cold War carried out over the whole world instead of between Siberia and Alaska?

I was wondering why the conflicts, missile deployments etc. throughout the Cold War were basically all taking place in Europe, Africa and Asia, when in fact the US and Soviet Union were only... more
United States Government & Politics Law


Where can I find docs on lawsuits filed against a government agency?

While doing some research on my free time I came across an interesting article that had referenced a (public?) document of a lawsuit filed against the NSA. Due to the number of trolls on the net... more
United States American History War


Was Japan known to be a potential threat to the USA in the 10 year period prior to 1941?

In the years leading up to the Pearl Harbor attack, did non-military Americans see Japan as a potential threat to the USA?
United States American History Cold War


Why was Harry Truman chosen to be Vice President in 1944?

Why was the Junior Senator from the backwater of Missouri chosen as Henry Wallace's replacement? What had Harry Truman a former county Judge who had never graduated from college, achieved which... more
United States American History Slavery


Free states and slave states - how did that work?

Accounts of the build-up to the American Civil War put a lot of weight on the concept of balance between the number of free states and slave states in the union, and various complicated wrangling... more
United States Us Government


Do US Congressional Districts subdivide states or counties?

I'm assuming it's states, but I'm not sure. Further clarifications, please?


How does gerrymandering work in the US?

I have a vague idea of what gerrymandering is and that it appears to be common in the US, but I don't really understand where it comes from, how it is applied, how common "common" really is,... more


What criteria does a US Presidential candidate need to meet in order to appear on the ballot?

The eligibility requirements to run for the office of President are: - You must be a native born citizen - You must be at least 35 years of age - You must have lived in the US for at least 14... more
United States Gre Toefl


Are both GRE and TOEFL a must for a PhD program in the US? Or only TOEFL will suffice?

I have completed my masters in English Literature from India and now want to do my PhD from the US. Should I take both the tests, i.e. TOEFL and GRE? Or only TOEFL will be enough? And if I need to... more
United States American History Canada


Why was it deemed necessary that the “average person… knows they are on the border”, which resulted in the creation of the US-Canadian border slash?

Was there a particular need to "make sure that the 'average person… knows they are on the border'" that led to the slash, perhaps a dispute due to an ambiguity, or a treaty that required it? Or was... more
United States American History Slavery


Are there records of any American slave owner treat their slave well?

When the slave trade was at its peak in America were there any notable owners who treated their slave with far more dignity and respect than was typical at the time? I understand that a lot of... more


If Jim, a random citizen, owes TD Bank $300,000 for his house mortgage, is this added to the U.S. national debt?

According to [Wikipedia]( National debt consists of two components. The first is > *Debt held by the public*, such as Treasury... more


Can the United States Federal Government alter the Criminal Justice System?

**Question** I was wondering whether or not the phrase/sentence/claim/statement: "The United States Federal Government ought to alter the Criminal Justice System" be hypothetically feasible? To... more


Did the North give the South its debt after Civil War ended?

In discussions with a colleague of mine many years ago, concerning the American Civil War (aka the War Between the States), he mentioned that “... the North left/gave all the [financial] debt to... more
United States American History Cold War


Why did the United States not seriously develop Anti Aircraft Missiles?

During the Cold War, the United States did not seem to actively develop anti-aircraft missiles. They seem to be cheaper, safer and easier to deploy than fighters for defensive purposes. Why did the... more


Who coined the term "Golden Age" in reference to musical theatre?

Typically, the Golden Age of Broadway/Musical Theatre is considered to have taken place from the 1940s to the 1960s (some definitions are more specific, citing something like 1943 to 1959). It was... more
United States American History President


Does the Presidential term occurring after a death in office have a name (USA specifically)?

I'm working on a project involving US Presidents and their term dates etc. If a President dies in office, how is the new President's term until the next election year referred to? Is it simply 'The... more
United States Accounting Government


Does total US public debt include state debt?

When I see total US public debt, I wonder whether state debt is included. If "total US public debt" used differently for different cases, I will restrict my case to the usage in national... more
United States American History Law


Imposition of property taxes in California?

After California became a U.S. state in 1850, land taxation was one of the factors that bankrupted the Californio ranchers. Apparently, it had not existed in the native, Spanish, nor Mexican... more
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