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Are there cases of Democrats engaging in voter suppression?

Modern Republicans are often accused of trying to [suppress the right to vote](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voter_suppression_in_the_United_States) for minorities.Are there cases where the modern... more

Why did South Carolina continue to select their Presidential Electors by legislative choice until after the Civil War?

What were the reasons for South Carolina to not use a popular vote to decide the Electors for so long compared to other states and why did they finally decide to put the decision to a popular vote... more

In a democracy, who takes care of the interests of the losing side?

There are two sides or more to an election - the winning side will get what it wants (hopefully) the losing side will not. What are some of the ways both sides can benefit or do they have to wait 4... more

When did abolition of property qualifications for voting begin in the USA?

I understand that voting qualifications in the USA are a state matter and this didn't all happen in one blow. But which states were the first and last to abolish property qualifications for voting?... more

Who conducted the first "straw poll" in U.S. election politics, and when was it conducted?

Three sources that I found cite three different answers (though all agree it took place in the [election of 1824].


Was Nixon's Vietnam claim right before the 1968 election true?

In Richard Nixon's final appeal to voters on NBC right before the 1968 Presidential Election, he made an explosive claim about the Vietnam war. > [Nixon] said he had a “very disturbing report,”... more

Why were pre-election polls and forecast models inconsistent with the election of Donald Trump?

As it's obvious now, pre-election polling and forecast models were inconsistent with the vote count in this election cycle as not many predicted a Trump victory. Is there any particular reason why... more

If I register for a party and vote in its primaries, am I obligated to vote for the same party in the general elections?

So, lets say I register for **Party**, and vote in the primaries for a candidate. If that candidate doesn't proceed to the general elections, is there any reason that I am obligated to then vote... more

What happens to delegates when a candidate withdraws or suspends their campaign?

In the United States Presidential Primaries, what happens to a candidates delegates if they later withdraw from the race? For example, in the [2016 Republican Presidential Primary for the State of... more

Why and how is the Vice President elected in U.S?

1. Why is the Vice President elected in the US? Why isn't he chosen by the President like any other secretary? Is there any important reason why the writers of the Constitution made that... more


Are there countries where a group is elected instead of a single leader?

I mostly know about the French government and a couple of European ones. In all cases, you vote for a single leader (President, Prime minister, ...), which then forms his government by choosing... more

Can both US Senators from a state be elected at the same time?

I understand the US constitution mandates three rolling 'classes' of nearly equal numbers of Senators be elected every two years, each for 6 year terms. The convention has been to not elect both... more

Why are there exceptions to Duverger's Law?

[Duverger's law](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duverger%27s_law) states that in a first past the post electoral system, the system will end up with a two party system. However, many countries with... more

Why is there such a disconnect between congressional approval rating and re-election rate?

According to a Gallup poll, Congressional approval rating is at a mere 20% (it use to be much lower in the past years) as of Sept.... more

Why does it take such a long time to count votes in US elections?

Why does it generally take days or weeks to all the count votes in the elections in the USA? If this is because they have very few people counting the votes, why don't they put more people to that... more

Is it possible to call an Early Election in the US?

In the hypothetical case that every member of the government (president and vice president included) wanted to call an early election, replacing the sitting president and vice president, would they... more

How do I know that my vote was counted?

How do instant runoffs work?

I've read that some elections have instant runoffs. What are they and how do they work? How do they differ from a standard majority vote election?

Are Running Mates Constitutional (US President/VP)?

I was reading over the US Constitution and Amendments when Amendment 12 jumped out at me. I've always thought that Amendment 12 specifically said that Presidential Candidates and Vice Presidential... more

How do I hire a campaign manager?

How do people running for office hire campaign managers? For many campaign-related professional positions it's easy to reach out to a firm specializing in that field (campaign law,... more


Anti-deceptive electioneering law?

In light of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential elections and clandestine Democratic efforts to use deceptive tactics in the recent Alabama senate race, it is clear that social media as a... more

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