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What is the difference between Communism and Anarchism?

Can anybody please explain me, in brief, the difference between Communists and Anarchists?

Can communism be effective in a post scarcity economy?

Recently following the discussion by politicians in US elections of "getting jobs back", it seemed clear to me that this phase of losing jobs can't be stopped or even slowed: it's the natural and... more

During the Great Depression in America, was there an increase in popularity of Communism?

During the Great Depression, was there an increase in the popularity of Communism among the everyday American and if so, was this due to a longing for better living conditions?


Am I inherently a class traitor for working for law enforcement, from Marxist lens?

I guess what I'm asking is this: Am I inherently against the goals of Marxism if I work for/with the police? Further, can a Communist/Marxist be a reformist and still be consistent with their... more


Which is the best between North and South Korea?

I have a debate in which I have to defend the ideologies of the best Korean ideology.

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