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Did the United States colonize California?

Upper California was a province of Mexico from the 1820s to the 1840s (sometimes unified with Lower California). Near the end of this period it was overrun with Anglo-American men that lived apart... more
United States American History President


Who was the last US president who did not start a war?


Why is there such a disconnect between congressional approval rating and re-election rate?

According to a Gallup poll, Congressional approval rating is at a mere 20% (it use to be much lower in the past years) as of Sept.... more


Why does it take such a long time to count votes in US elections?

Why does it generally take days or weeks to all the count votes in the elections in the USA? If this is because they have very few people counting the votes, why don't they put more people to that... more


Is it possible to call an Early Election in the US?

In the hypothetical case that every member of the government (president and vice president included) wanted to call an early election, replacing the sitting president and vice president, would they... more


Why are US cabinet ministers called secretaries?

The members of the US cabinet are called secretaries. Why it is so? In what other countries besides the US and pre-WWII USSR ministers were called by a different word (in the USSR they were... more


How do I know that my vote was counted?


Why is a coin an asset whereas a note is a liability on the Federal Reserve's balance sheet?

Can someone explain me why coins are assets and notes are liabilities for the U.S. Federal Reserve? I know coins are made from "precious" metals, but even notes are made from various materials... more
United States World History Vietnam War


Why America waged war against Vietnam?

First of all I am non American so I am novice in American History ( thats why raising very basic Question ). I am looking to google for it but everything is too descriptive. If anybody know very... more


Are Running Mates Constitutional (US President/VP)?

I was reading over the US Constitution and Amendments when Amendment 12 jumped out at me. I've always thought that Amendment 12 specifically said that Presidential Candidates and Vice Presidential... more


How can the Senate remove the majority leader?

If the senate majority leader is refusing to do his job, can the other Senators vote to expel him or force a vote for new leadership?


How do I hire a campaign manager?

How do people running for office hire campaign managers? For many campaign-related professional positions it's easy to reach out to a firm specializing in that field (campaign law,... more
United States American History Canada


Were discrepancies from the 45th parallel in the US-Canadian border ratified?

I surmise that the discrepancy resulted from the inability of 18th-century land surveyors to be more precise than that. But my question is: Did later treaties ratify the details of 18th-century... more


Has there been any court cases regarding the Third Amendment to the United States Constitution?

I just read a comment that implied that a law that hadn’t been used in a while was no longer relevant. Which made me curious as to what was the oldest unused US law that could still be considered... more
United States Law Social Studies


Anti-deceptive electioneering law?

In light of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential elections and clandestine Democratic efforts to use deceptive tactics in the recent Alabama senate race, it is clear that social media as a... more


Does gerrymandering not affect elections for US Senators?

Gerrymandering is a problem; a Representative could have their voter base diluted across neighboring districts at the whim of the controlling party. But Senate elections are statewide, and states... more


Are TOEFL requirements waived for foreigners with US bachelors degrees?

I notice that perhaps most US graduate programs require non-native English speakers to get a certain mark on the TOEFL. Is this requirement typically waived for students who completed their... more


Do high-level US government officials who are fired receive any compensation?

With the recent terminations of individuals like Tillerson and McMaster, I was wondering if this is costing taxpayers money. Do fired officials get a pension, severance, or other financial... more


When does the US president have to be 35 year old?

[The Constitution only says]( that one needs to have "attained to the Age of thirty... more
United States American History Hamilton


Was the "natural born citizen" requirement for the President inserted into the US Constitution by Alexander Hamilton's enemies?

Having recently read the biography of Alexander Hamilton, it occurred to me that there is a possibility that the requirement, written into the Constitution, that the President be a "natural born... more


Were there weapons that a private citizen could not legally own in 1789 in the US?

For example: a cannon, certain types of muskets etc... Were there laws for whether women or freed slaves could not own specific weapons?
United States Accounting Taxes


When starting a small business, how does one properly record "seed inventory"?

Let's assume someone wanted to start a small, simple business. They go through all of the paperwork to get an LLC, they set up a business checking account and they are ready to go. Such an... more
United States American History Military


Why was the US army slow to adopt the use of radar prior to Pearl Harbour?

According to Wikipedia, the US radar station SCR-270 picked up the Japanese approach and reported it, but this report was ignored as the duty officer believed it to be American bombers coming from... more

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