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Can I file for US citizenship now under parent? I'm 31 years old.

I was 15 when my Dad became a citzen in the USA. Is it too late to file under parent?

Was there any genuine debate in the pre-1860 United States regarding Native American sovereignty?

The United States treated Native American tribes as sovereign states. Relations with various tribes were governed by a series of (often broken) treaties. At the same time, however, general... more

In 1940s/50s how did refugees earn US citizenship?

* Does the country of origin (Poland here) make a difference? * How does a minor's status affect the process? * What were the conditions (having lived in the US for x years, etc?) **at that time**... more

How does a person become stateless?

Despite international conventions with provisions against statelessness, how does a person lose their only citizenship, or be born without citizenship, today in this day? Is it possible? What are... more


How were the first American citizens granted citizenship?

When the US declared itself independent in 1776, did it simply consider all people (of a certain demographic) already living in the US citizens? Or did these people have to apply to become citizens... more
Citizenship Greencard


Can a minor from India get a green card?

He wants to finish his last two years of school in the US.  He wants to be a pilot.  He plans on becoming a American Citizen.

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