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Why did Abraham Lincoln choose Andrew Johnson as a vice presidential running mate?

Given the two were from different parties, I was curious as to why Lincoln would choose a man like Johnson from the opposing party when running for reelection. In addition, I'm curious as to why... more


Difference between nationalism and patriotism?

Nowadays, nationalism has a strong negative connotation attached to it. This stigma doesn't apply to patriotism. What's the difference between them? If there is a difference to what extent could... more


When did abolition of property qualifications for voting begin in the USA?

I understand that voting qualifications in the USA are a state matter and this didn't all happen in one blow. But which states were the first and last to abolish property qualifications for voting?... more


What was the argest congressional letter writing campaign in US history?

In the United States, there is a system where folks can write letters to their representative and senators in congress to bring attention to a particular issue, sometimes as a timely event or a... more


Are there precedents of 'I am not a racist' from US Presidents?

Prior to Trump, has a US President ever explicitly denied being a racist?


Why didn't Nixon erase the smoking gun?

Given that President Nixon was bold enough to erase 18 minutes of the "Nixon tapes" before turning them over to the Watergate investigators, why didn't he also erase the "smoking gun," the... more


When did FDR announce he was running a 3rd time, and was there any outrage?

When did President Franklin Roosevelt announce he was running again for a 3rd term? And was there any shock or outrage at this? Another way of saying this: Most of the country was isolationist.... more


Why did US annex Hawaii?

Was there an economical or political reason for the annexation of Hawaii by US in 1898? It does not seem to me that Hawaii was a particularly wealthy place at that time. Did the US government need... more


In the early 1900's, how did US politicians treat black dignitaries from other countries?

Are there any historical records of US politicians (especially southern politicians) treating black dignitaries (especially royalty) with great pomp and ceremony, while simultaneously and... more
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Was bribery instrumental to the approval of the Thirteenth Amendment?

The movie _[Lincoln](https://imdb.com/title/tt0443272/)_ suggests there was a fair bit of bribery involved in the passing of the [Thirteenth Amendment] to the Constitution of the United States. Are... more


When was the last time there were border controls, customs, or border patrols inside what is now the contiguous US?

Reading about the complexities of Europe has made me wonder about when American (internal) borders were less porous. Also, were the borders between the 13 colonies completely open? Or did they at... more
Political History European History Government Europe


Why did monarchy become common practice after the fall of Rome?

Why did the government of most nations after the fall of Rome and the beginning of medieval age turn to monarchy? Before the fall of Rome most nations seem to be organized after different model... more
Political History European History Democracy Europe


Besides Magna Carta and general decentralization, what specifically led to democratization in England?

In England, the gradual weakening of the central government (starting with the Magna Carta), and the gradual rights given to nobility slowly pushed England to a democratic form of government. Yet... more


Why was Harry Truman chosen to be Vice President in 1944?

Why was the Junior Senator from the backwater of Missouri chosen as Henry Wallace's replacement? What had Harry Truman a former county Judge who had never graduated from college, achieved which... more


Does the Presidential term occurring after a death in office have a name (USA specifically)?

I'm working on a project involving US Presidents and their term dates etc. If a President dies in office, how is the new President's term until the next election year referred to? Is it simply 'The... more


Was the concept of religious freedom in the early United States applied to native American faiths?

Did native religions come up at all when the United States was adopting religious freedom into its fundamental laws? Did America's Founding Fathers or their contemporaries consider Native Americans... more
Political History American History United States


Who is the last known non-natural US citizen who would have been eligible for the Presidency?

The United States Constitution states (relevant part highlighted): > No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a **Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this... more

Post-war indictment of ex-Confederates in the Confederate States of America?

Why was the Confederate president, Jefferson Davis, or any other Confederate soldier, not tried for high treason?


Did Andrew Jackson threaten to kill the Vice President?

In my Government and Politics class the other day, we were taught that Andrew Jackson threatened to kill the vice president. This sounded a bit odd to me so I wrote it in my notes and resolved to... more
Political History American History United States


Who was the US first cross-dressing governor?


Why was it necessary to maintain a balance of power between the Slave and Free states?

As said in the title, why was there a need to maintain the balance of power between the Slave states and Free States by keeping them equal in number, before the American Civil War? Both the Clay... more

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