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United States American History Slavery


What % of slave owners in the antebellum south committed rape?

In David Blight’s biography of Frederick Douglas, he explains the young Frederick witnesses several violent beatings and or rapes by the age of 7 or 8. How common was this practice? What % of... more


What US states celebrate an Independence Day?

Today, March 2nd, is Texas Independence Day; a celebration of how the Texans officially declared independence from Mexico. I found that some other states (i.e. Rhode Island, Hawaii) do (or did)... more


Andrew Carnegie's steel workers, hours worked per week?

How many hours per week did Andrew Carnegie's steel workers put in on average from 1885 until 1900 when he sold his business?
United States American History Canada


In early WW2, how much of the merchant marine was American?

WW2, before the US entered, ran from 1939 Sep 01 to 1941 Dec 07. During this time, a lot of merchant vessels sailed in convoy to Britain. I am wondering, of all the people who crewed those... more


Was bribery instrumental to the approval of the Thirteenth Amendment?

The movie _[Lincoln]( suggests there was a fair bit of bribery involved in the passing of the [Thirteenth Amendment] to the Constitution of the United States. Are... more


When was the last time there were border controls, customs, or border patrols inside what is now the contiguous US?

Reading about the complexities of Europe has made me wonder about when American (internal) borders were less porous. Also, were the borders between the 13 colonies completely open? Or did they at... more


Why was US President Truman "on the high seas" when the Hiroshima atomic bomb was dropped?

From the New York Times, August 7 1945. [First Atomic Bomb Dropped on Japan; Missile Is Equal to 20,000 Tons of TNT; Truman Warns Foe of a 'Rain of... more
United States American History Cold War


Did Truman threaten a nuclear strike if the Soviet Union didn't withdraw from Iran in 1946?

In episode 4 of Oliver Stone's documentary series, *Untold History of the United States*, Stone claims that then-president Truman issued an ultimatum to the Soviet Union: either withdraw from Iran... more


If I register for a party and vote in its primaries, am I obligated to vote for the same party in the general elections?

So, lets say I register for **Party**, and vote in the primaries for a candidate. If that candidate doesn't proceed to the general elections, is there any reason that I am obligated to then vote... more


Do federal agencies ever spend more than is appropriated?

I assume that most bank transfers in government are done by a fairly low level employee writing a check or transfer. What if an agency spends more than is allocated? Will their checks bounce? How... more


What happens to delegates when a candidate withdraws or suspends their campaign?

In the United States Presidential Primaries, what happens to a candidates delegates if they later withdraw from the race? For example, in the [2016 Republican Presidential Primary for the State of... more


Why and how is the Vice President elected in U.S?

1. Why is the Vice President elected in the US? Why isn't he chosen by the President like any other secretary? Is there any important reason why the writers of the Constitution made that... more


How long would it take to travel from England to the colonies in the early 1700s?

I am working on a history project for school and cannot seem to find information on the length of a journey on a ship from England to the Charleston area of South Carolina in the early 1700s... more
United States American History Quotes


I'm trying to find a primary source (or some historical authentication) for John Quincy Adams' Toledo War quote.?

Never in the course of my life have I known a controversy of which all the right was so clearly on one side and all the power so overwhelmingly on the other. John Quincy Adams is widely credited to... more


How tall was George Washington?

I am currently reading [*George Washington: A Life* by Ron... more


Titles for US public figures?

It appears that it is customary in the US to continue to refer to prominent public figures by the title they previously held, e.g. President Obama, Secretary Clinton etc. I understand that this is... more


When did the U.S. Postal Service completely transition from horse-drawn to motorized transport?

Simple question, hopefully not too broad. When did the USPS stop using horses & horse-drawn carriages for most of its transport and delivery? Were there any private competitors (such as... more
United States American History Geography


Why was the Cold War carried out over the whole world instead of between Siberia and Alaska?

I was wondering why the conflicts, missile deployments etc. throughout the Cold War were basically all taking place in Europe, Africa and Asia, when in fact the US and Soviet Union were only... more
United States American History Slavery


Why was Kentucky not admitted to the Union in 1789?

At the beginning of July 1788, the unicameral Congress of the Confederation began deliberations on whether to admit the proposed new state of Kentucky to the Union. Under the Articles of... more


Can both US Senators from a state be elected at the same time?

I understand the US constitution mandates three rolling 'classes' of nearly equal numbers of Senators be elected every two years, each for 6 year terms. The convention has been to not elect both... more
United States American History Media


How did the news of the reality Nazi concentration camps reach the United State's mainstream? What were the waves of awareness and when?

How can we characterize US citizens' awareness of the full horror of the Holocaust in 1940, 41, 42, 43, and on? When did people become broadly aware? And how were the horrors explained by escapees... more
United States American History Japan


When/how did Harry Truman give the order to bomb Hiroshima?

Am I correct in assuming that Truman and only Truman had the authority to order the bombing of Hiroshima? After all, it was the very first A-bomb and procedures may not have been formalized yet. It... more


Can infrastructure building be sped up?

I was watching road construction and it seemed to me like adding more trucks wouldnt help the problem. The trucks were just backed up because only one could work on each lane. Adding more trucks in... more

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