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Why did the US drop nuclear bombs on a weakened Japan?

My daughter was recently studying this in high school, and somehow I had always assumed that it had only lasted a year. Apparently it ran on for at least a couple of years, but her textbook only... more


What did the Japanese believe about the USA capability of making/using additional atomic bombs?

Clearly the Japanese **believed** that if they did not surrender another atomic bomb would be used on them. However how soon did they **believe** this would happen? And how many atomic bombs... more


Was Japan known to be a potential threat to the USA in the 10 year period prior to 1941?

In the years leading up to the Pearl Harbor attack, did non-military Americans see Japan as a potential threat to the USA?


Where did the skulls of dead Japanese soldiers end up?

I have read that there was a disturbingly common practice of American soldiers in the Pacific theater of WWII to take the skulls of dead Japanese soldiers as trophies to take home, give to... more


Were there crewmen from other USN ships on USS Missouri when the Japanese surrendered?

I have tried finding a list of the crewmen on the USS Missouri at the time of the signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender, or at least some general information about who was on the ship at... more


In WW2, how long could a submarine stay submerged if it wasn't moving?

For a submarine in the WW2-era, how long could it stay submerged if it was **not** running its engine? This is a question of crew size, oxygen, food/water, and CO2 scrubbers, and maybe other stuff... more


Did the United States have a third atomic bomb to drop on Japan?

On 15 August, six days after the bombing of Nagasaki, Japan announced its surrender to the United States, signing the instrument of surrender on 2 September, officially ending the war. The... more


Throughout history, how many wars have there been between Russia and Japan?

Do both countries have a particluar hot spot that existed in the past, and if so, does it still exist now? Have their wars historically been bloody or transient, and are they now considered... more


Did imperialist Japan ever want to annex Hawaii because of the Japanese minority living here?

Hawaii had been colonized by Japan during the 19th century, before it became an American territory. There was [an estimated 40% of Japanese in Hawaii](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawaii#Ancestry)... more


When/how did Harry Truman give the order to bomb Hiroshima?

Am I correct in assuming that Truman and only Truman had the authority to order the bombing of Hiroshima? After all, it was the very first A-bomb and procedures may not have been formalized yet. It... more


When did 石井 四郎 (Shirō Ishii) start medical school?

石井 四郎 (Shirō Ishii) was a surgeon in the Japanese Army, making the rank of General and earned the Order of the Golden Kite, Fourth Class. He committed war crimes, but made a deal with the U.S. to... more


What anti-Japanese guerrilla units were active in Manchuria from 1944-1945?

I am writing a historical fiction novel with a North Korean protagonist joining anti-Japanese guerrilla forces in Manchuria in 1944. I understand that major anti-Japanese resistance in Manchuria... more


Was Japan known to be a potential threat to the USA in the 10 year period prior to 1941?

In the years leading up to the Pearl Harbor attack, did non-military Americans see Japan as a potential threat to the USA?


Evidence of cross contamination between Japanese and Western sword fighting styles?

Are there any documented cases of cross pollination between western sword fighting techniques and Japanese ones? Such cross contamination could have happened during the Sengoku-jidai. This period... more


Why did the GHQ not promote English during the occupation?

I wonder why GHQ did not force Japanese people to use the English language during the occupation, or at least add English to one of its official languages, much like Hong Kong under occupation by... more


Why, in the US, is Japanese brutality ignored compared with the Nazi brutality in WW2?

I have read up a bit about WW2 on my own and have always pondered, why in the USA is the brutality and actions of the Japanese during WW2 always downplayed compared with the brutalities and... more


Where did Japan get their oil during WWII?

To my understanding the United States was the largest exporter of oil to the Japanese prior to Pearl Harbor. The Japanese islands aren't known for their oil fields. It's also believed that the... more


Why is JPY considered a "safe currency"?

When the economic prospect around the world feels getting worse and/or getting higher uncertainty, usually the value of JPY is getting higher, because investors are said to start to buy JPY to... more


Why didn't the US choose to demolish Tokyo with an atom bomb?

Tokyo was Japan's capital. Why didn't the US choose Tokyo to demolish with Atom Bomb? **Bonus Question:** What factors decided to bring Hiroshima and Nagasaki on table?


Did the citizens of US really back the declaration of war on Japanese Empire as it was implied by F.D. Roosevelt in his Pearl Harbor Speech?

December 7th, 1941, was the date that was to live in infamy, as mentioned by F.D. Roosevelt in his Pearl Harbor speech. Overall, the speech was quite straightforward in its goal: assurance to the... more


What did most people do for a living in japan

I need help today my social studies online textbook does not help very much

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