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(To what extent) will Trump's plans, the implementation of the zero tolerance policy and the building of a wall between America and Mexico, be effective in combating the MS-13 criminal gang?

For school, I am investigating (to what extent) Donald Trump's plans, implementing zero tolerance policies, and building a wall between America and Mexico will be effective in fighting the MS-13... more


Were there any Russians in the 1849 Gold Rush?

A gold rush always brings new arrivals from many directions. Had any of the miners and businesspeople of the 1849 California Gold Rush come from Russia?


How many total speakers of German were there in pre-WWI USA?

The 1910 US Census enumerates some 2.7 million foreign-born speakers of German in the United States then. That number must be an understatement because there were many communities of heritage... more


How would Eastern European emigres have traveled across Eastern Europe to Warsaw in the early 20thC?

I was looking back at my grandmother's voyage to America, she made the trip from Zbaraz in the Ukraine through Warsaw and then on to Gdanks and through steerage class to the New York. I know she... more


How did US anti-Irish sentiment decline?

Anti-Irish sentiment in the United States previously involved depictions of Irish migrants as non-human primates. While historians have debated the prevalence of contemporaneous "No Irish Need... more

In 1940s/50s how did refugees earn US citizenship?

* Does the country of origin (Poland here) make a difference? * How does a minor's status affect the process? * What were the conditions (having lived in the US for x years, etc?) **at that time**... more


Why was there little nonwhite migration to Europe in the 19th century?

**Migration** -- This may sound like a strange question, but hear me out. The 19th century was an age of massive population migration, perhaps the most significant in history according to this... more

What is the origin of US south region white people?

For example there are a lot of Americans with german ancestry in midwest, english americans(WASPs) in northeast. But what is the origin of white people in the south region?
Immigration American History


America is the promised land for many immigrants fleeing civil war and other catastrophes in their native countries. What's the allusion?

America is the promised land for many immigrants fleeing civil war and other catastrophes in their native countries?

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