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Which was the last war in which swords were used?

Which was the last war in which swords were actively used as the primary weapon by an army?


Which was the first war in which photography was employed?

Undoubtedly photography has greatly changed public perception of war; but there is no _clear point_ in which photography began to be used—whether for documenting war or anything else. So I’m left... more


What was the dominant Soviet strategy for invading Germany in the 1980's?

The last war in the Balkans finished around 2000. Until today, land mines are a big problem, especially in Bosnia. There are huge regions where you shouldn't leave paved terrain. Since I love... more


Revolutions: which side does the nation's military join?

Historically, when there has been a notably significant revolution to overthrow the standing government, does the military typically defend the government or join the revolutionists?

Were there crewmen from other USN ships on USS Missouri when the Japanese surrendered?

I have tried finding a list of the crewmen on the USS Missouri at the time of the signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender, or at least some general information about who was on the ship at... more

What is the percentage of the draft pool that were conscripted during WW2 and Vietnam?

During the times of these conflicts I'm pretty sure the eligible ages to be drafted were from 18 - 25. During these times what percentage of US males between those ages were drafted. I'd like to be... more

How could black men serve as officers in the US army during segregation?

How did black men such as Benjamin Oliver Davis Sr achieve high ranks in the US military during segregation? Those ranks should put them in position of power over white people, not very... more

How to be a Doctor for the Military?

Hi! I'm currently a junior in high school in New York City and I will be applying to college next year. I have recently for the past year been seriously considering being a doctor for the military.... more


Average ages of US Army officers at the turn of the 20th century?

What would be the average rate of promotion for US Army officers beginning their career in the mid 1890's as a 2nd Lieutenant? By what age could they expect to be promoted to each successive... more


Was it ever possible to join the US military instead of going to prison for a crime?

It is pretty clear that today the US military is an all volunteer force and it is not allowed to take people who are joining to avoid going to prison. Was there ever a time when a judge could... more
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Can i join the military if i need a kenalog shot once a year

I know there are a lot of things that can prevent you from joining the military like needing asthma treatmemt or one of the many various things. This time of year my seasonal allergies get kinda... more


What was the troop ratio between the red and white army in the Russian revolution?

I am making a game over the Russian Revolution for English class. I want to make this game a somewhat accurate representation of the Russian Revolution. I have been able find the answers to all of... more


Why were there "hussars" all across Europe?

From what I read, hussars are originally a cavalry forces in Medieval Hungary. But then it became a class of light cavalry that were in service in many European nations, and during the Napoleonic... more

Why was the US army slow to adopt the use of radar prior to Pearl Harbour?

According to Wikipedia, the US radar station SCR-270 picked up the Japanese approach and reported it, but this report was ignored as the duty officer believed it to be American bombers coming from... more


Why were bloody religious wars so incredibly frequent in Europe in the century following the Reformation?

Beginning in 1520, right after Martin Luther's Reformation, bloody religious wars began that kept recurring almost yearly for over a century. The Reformation's rapid spread drew battle lines... more


How long would the average sword last in the middle ages?

Assuming normal wear and tear, how long before a knight had to replace his sword?


Why was there a tradition attached to Crossbowmen?

Medieval literature makes several references to Gascon, Flemish and especially Genoese to denote elite troops wielding Crossbows. However, it isn't exactly hard to shoot a Crossbow accurately and... more

Who controls the British Armed Forces?

I'm trying to research this for a friend. I understand that the government of the United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy, in which the Queen is the head of state and the Prime Minister is the... more

How did such a relatively minor event as the assassination of an archduke start World War I?

The assassination of the Austrian archduke was, considered in the context of _all Europe's_ near-explosive politics, a relatively minor event. So how did it cause such a major war?
Military Animal Family Crest


I'm making a crest which animal best represents Valor/Brave?

Any animal besides a lion.


Are there any surviving military textbooks from the Napoleonic era?

Napoleon attended school for military officers, so it stands to reason they would have some books around which they based their curriculum. Are there any complete and publicly available recordings... more


Are there any remaining existant texts that describe the styles and techniques of Medieval European swordsmanship?

We have, in the modern day, no shortage of movies which feature characters from the Medieval period of European history engaged in combat, with swords, cavalry, and arrows. Do we have any... more


Were any fortified castles self-sufficient in food?

I read here and there about sieges of fortified castles which lasted extended lengths of time (two years for instance). Was there any castle in Medieval Europe that was self-sustaining? By... more


How did the US/South Vietnam lose the Vietnam war?

South Vietnam was helped by US. Even when the US was gone, they had a 1 million army. So why did they lose? Even without US support, South Vietnam had about the same manpower, higher technology,... more


If I were to join the military, other than mechanics and aviation etc., is there really any math envolved

I want to join the military and was wondering if i'm ever going to need to know how to do all these crazy equations and factoring and a lot more

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