12 Questions for the topic Racism


Were Russians in the cold war era USA discriminated against for their ethnicity?

As a Chinese living in the western world, I am a little bit concerned about the next decades where there might be a war or a series of conflicts between the rising Chinese power and the current... more


How did people categorize each other in the middle ages, how did racism work?

I'm interested in the european high middle ages, about the 12th-13th century. I'm trying to understand how people sorted each other. Nowadays, some overlapping categories people use would be: *... more


How did US anti-Irish sentiment decline?

Anti-Irish sentiment in the United States previously involved depictions of Irish migrants as non-human primates. While historians have debated the prevalence of contemporaneous "No Irish Need... more


Are there precedents of 'I am not a racist' from US Presidents?

Prior to Trump, has a US President ever explicitly denied being a racist?


Was being in the KKK politically/socially acceptable in early 1900's American South?

This question was inspired by the movie _O Brother Where Art Thou_, set in Mississippi in 1937. While the events are clearly fictional, the film draws a lot of historical inspiration from real... more


In the early 1900's, how did US politicians treat black dignitaries from other countries?

Are there any historical records of US politicians (especially southern politicians) treating black dignitaries (especially royalty) with great pomp and ceremony, while simultaneously and... more


How did desegregation affect the jobs of black school teachers in the South?

With an end to school segregation decreed for the South, Negro teachers there are coming up against a real question. It is this: Can they look to the Northern states for teaching jobs if these are... more


How does Prejudice Plus Power apply to third party minorities?

This post pertains to the political theory of [Prejudice Plus Power](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prejudice_plus_power), a.k.a. R = P + P, which redefines the word "racism" as "prejudice plus... more


What actions did the KKK take against miscegenation after 1967?

Although the racial attitudes of the (third) KKK are well known, I haven't been able to find much about actions, demonstrations or speeches by the KKK against the repeal of anti-miscegenation laws... more


How successful (or not) was the Civil Rights Act of 1964 concerning employment discrimination?

How successful was this subsection of the Act, how did it affect public opinion, and how effective was it at curbing racism in employment compared to the actual Civil Rights Movement and time?... more


Why were blacks still victimized in the Northern states after slavery's abolition?

1. I can understand why the former Confederate states still discriminated against blacks starting from Reconstruction, but why did the North? 2. Isn't it inconsistent for Northern whites to have... more


Did racism cause slavery? If so why??

Do you think racism caused slavery? If so why??

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