36 Questions for the topic 20th Century


What percentage of British and American troops were involved in direct combat with enemy in World War II?

I was wondering whether the Sri Lankan Civil War, which officially ended, would technically considered to be still ongoing, since there are still clashes going on to this day. Would this classify... more


Why didn't Saudi Unification Include the Coastal States like Qatar, UAE, Oman, Yemen, and Kuwait?

Why are the following states independent and not a part of Saudi Arabia? Qatar, UAE, Oman, Yemen, and Kuwait While their annexation might be difficult in our current time period, it should have... more


What happened to horses when cars became popular?

Horse populations were greatly reduced as cars became prevalent: http://www.cowboyway.com/What/HorsePopulation.htm What happened to the surplus horses during that period, say, in the USA? Or was... more


Why did Puerto Rican families send their children to New York?

My question is: Why were Puerto Rican families sending their children off the island, and why New York?


What's so special about the Aerodrome?


Where did the skulls of dead Japanese soldiers end up?

I have read that there was a disturbingly common practice of American soldiers in the Pacific theater of WWII to take the skulls of dead Japanese soldiers as trophies to take home, give to... more


How many people did Al Capone kill?

How many deaths was Al Capone responsible for? Including people killed by his order or as part of gang wars he started? (Looking for an estimate within an order of magnitude).


Can anyone verify this story about the President's driver?

I remember hearing a story that I believe was either President Roosevelt or President Truman which involved his driver. There was a crash or incident because of his driver's error or negligence.... more


How would Eastern European emigres have traveled across Eastern Europe to Warsaw in the early 20thC?

I was looking back at my grandmother's voyage to America, she made the trip from Zbaraz in the Ukraine through Warsaw and then on to Gdanks and through steerage class to the New York. I know she... more


Why was the Me262 not suited for a bomber role?

A documentary at Radio-Canada named "m├ęgastructures nazies" mentioned the Me262 as not being suited for a bomber role. Also, Albert Speer was against the decision to convert the Me262 to this role,... more


Was the Bosnian Crisis the trigger to WWI and not the assassination?

I've read that Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1908, much to the dismay of the Serbs. Russia backed this action and was promised to have access to the Straits but were later denied.... more


Has there been other settlements in occupied territories in recent history?

The issue of [Israeli settlements](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israeli_settlements) in the West Bank (and other territories) is quite controversial, including [its... more


When did FDR announce he was running a 3rd time, and was there any outrage?

When did President Franklin Roosevelt announce he was running again for a 3rd term? And was there any shock or outrage at this? Another way of saying this: Most of the country was isolationist.... more


Why did Operation Market Garden go ahead when the allies knew German armor was in the area?

Montgomery's ill-fated operation to capture the Rhine crossing at Arnhem was ingenious but fatally flawed. Evidence suggests that the Allies knew there were German armoured units in the town a few... more


In the early 1900's, how did US politicians treat black dignitaries from other countries?

Are there any historical records of US politicians (especially southern politicians) treating black dignitaries (especially royalty) with great pomp and ceremony, while simultaneously and... more


How were diplomats and their staffs treated when World War II was declared?

This could be a large and varied subject so I will restrict it to the 20th century and give two instances. In Sept 39, after Poland was invaded, the British diplomat in Berlin handed a note to the... more


Where was the pre-war (ww2) border between Poland and Germany?

I am interested in mapping the pre-war (WWII) border between Poland and Germany. Is there any data available in a public resource? Can anyone describe waypoints along the border in terms of... more


How was the modern geographic boundary between Europe and Asia decided?

Wikipedia puts the boundary as: > The modern definition of Europe delimits it from Asia at the Aegean Sea, the Dardanelles-Sea of Marmora-Bosporus, the Black Sea, along the watershed of the... more


How were interracial relationships between African-Americans and Latinos treated in Southern states before the Loving decision?

There are two states in the American south that historically had large numbers of both African-Americans and Latinos, as well as laws banning marriage between black people and white people: Texas... more


Was a passport needed to travel between UK and France in 1972?

In Hitchcock's 1972 film ***Frenzy*** (at about the time 00:54:55) a character says: ***We can get a day trip to France. You don't need a passport.*** (He is a commoner, no diplomatic status etc,... more


How did desegregation affect the jobs of black school teachers in the South?

With an end to school segregation decreed for the South, Negro teachers there are coming up against a real question. It is this: Can they look to the Northern states for teaching jobs if these are... more


How was the modern geographic boundary between Europe and Asia decided?

Wikipedia puts the boundary as: > The modern definition of Europe delimits it from Asia at the Aegean Sea, the Dardanelles-Sea of Marmora-Bosporus, the Black Sea, along the watershed of the... more


How were blacks excluded from juries in the US southern states in the 1930s?

As I am in the process of re-reading Harper Lee's *To Kill a Mocking Bird*, I did a bit of elementary research on the subject of jury selection in Alabama. I discovered that in the *Scottsboro... more


In what ways did the rise of a true middle class in Europe during the late 19th century become apparent?

The late 19th and early 20th centuries were very transformative for Europe with the rise of a real middle class. Typically before this the middle class was more of a bourgeoisie and not the middle... more

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