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how old would george washington be if he is alive now

if George Washington was alive now how old would he be since the day he was born


Why don't US presidents run in other elections after their term ends?

As an example, Barack Obama is quite young (15 years younger than his successor) and was extremely popular. So why doesn't he run for a seat in the Senate? This would theoretically allow him to... more

Why did South Carolina continue to select their Presidential Electors by legislative choice until after the Civil War?

What were the reasons for South Carolina to not use a popular vote to decide the Electors for so long compared to other states and why did they finally decide to put the decision to a popular vote... more

Can anyone verify this story about the President's driver?

I remember hearing a story that I believe was either President Roosevelt or President Truman which involved his driver. There was a crash or incident because of his driver's error or negligence.... more

What happens to delegates when a candidate withdraws or suspends their campaign?

In the United States Presidential Primaries, what happens to a candidates delegates if they later withdraw from the race? For example, in the [2016 Republican Presidential Primary for the State of... more

Why and how is the Vice President elected in U.S?

1. Why is the Vice President elected in the US? Why isn't he chosen by the President like any other secretary? Is there any important reason why the writers of the Constitution made that... more

Are Running Mates Constitutional (US President/VP)?

I was reading over the US Constitution and Amendments when Amendment 12 jumped out at me. I've always thought that Amendment 12 specifically said that Presidential Candidates and Vice Presidential... more

What instruments does the House of Representatives have to control the executive branch of government?

The US election is mostly over and the Democrats have gained a majority in the House of Representatives, while the Republicans have got a majority in the Senate. What political instruments (for... more

When does the US president have to be 35 year old?

[The Constitution only says](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Article_Two_of_the_United_States_Constitution#Clause_5:_Qualifications_for_office) that one needs to have "attained to the Age of thirty... more

Does the Presidential term occurring after a death in office have a name (USA specifically)?

I'm working on a project involving US Presidents and their term dates etc. If a President dies in office, how is the new President's term until the next election year referred to? Is it simply 'The... more

Is there any position in the U.S. Government that is not required to answer to the president?

Other than the Supreme Court and Congress, Is there any position in the US Government that is not required to answer to the President of the United States?

Can an electoral college member vote twice for the same man?

In the electoral college, members vote for a president and vice president in order to get both positions. Could they just vote for the same man twice for president (thus giving up the vice... more


Did Andrew Jackson threaten to kill the Vice President?

In my Government and Politics class the other day, we were taught that Andrew Jackson threatened to kill the vice president. This sounded a bit odd to me so I wrote it in my notes and resolved to... more

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