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How to improve my Fcat scores for reading,math,science ?

ok so every yer I would take my FCAT tests and I would always have a level 2 and I feel the need to improve my self because now that I'm in high school I have AVID classes and i have a lot of difficult classes and I don't know how to prepare my self for test and i don't even have a way to study so this year I would like to prepare myself and be educated. I don't know where to start Plus I have trouble memorizing can that change? Thanks to every one who answer my questions.

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hi NiƱa,
I just moved to Florida so I'm not too familiar with FCAT.  I have tutored for the SAT/ACt since 2006 and just by looking at a sample test book on the FCAT website, I can tell you that the math tested for 10th grade is similar to the SAT and ACT.  I'm guessing you may not have prepared too much for SAT/ACT but prep books or study for the ACT/SAT will probably help a lot.
I would recommend that you look at your weak areas.  Some concepts in math are not taught well, depending on teachers and the school, so if a given student gets average grades, that student may not have mastered concepts enough to understand more advanced topics.  There isn't a 10th grade sample test for reading and science so I'm not sure what is tested for reading and science.