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Help Asap Please Math Algebra 1 Geometry


Use completing the square to identify the coordinates of the circle's center

5. The general equation of a circle is x^2 + y^2 - 12y +20 = 0a. Use completing the square to identify the coordinates of the circle's centerAND the length of the circle's radius.b. Is the point (... more
Help Asap Please Scale Drawings


Scale Drawings 7th grade

A poster is 4 feet by 10 feet. What are the dimensions is the poster is enlarged by 2/3?
Help Asap Please Calculus Matrices Calculus Proofs


Matrices question. PLSSSSS HELP.

4. Let n≥2, let A and B b en×n matrices and let On be the n×n matrix with every entry 0.(b) Suppose that A2 = On. Show that In − A is invertible, and that (In − A)-1 = In + A.(c) Suppose that Am =... more
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A parking meter has nickels and dimes worth 3.50. 45 coins in all. How many of each are there

a parking meter contains nickels and dimes worth 3.50. There are 45 coins in all. Find how many of each there are.
Help Asap Please Math Math Equations Math Problem


area of a rectangle

The area of a rectangle is x4-y4/8xy and the length is x2-y2/2xy a. What is the width of the rectangle? b. If you double the length of the rectangle but keep the same width, what is the new area... more

Given g(x)=-x+6 Find g(-3)

Help meeeeee please I need the answer 

A rectangle has a width 5 feet shorter than it’s length. The perimeter is 90 feet. What is the width?

Need help pleas I don’t know how to do this i need the answer please. 
Help Asap Please


Write an expression equivalent to 4x + 12 by combining like terms.

i dont understand math.
Help Asap Please


Write and solve an equation to find the number n. The difference of three times a number and 4 is −19.

please help. it was on my math and i couldn't figure it out
Help Asap Please Math Algebra Algebra Help


Flying into the wind, an aircraft made an 1100km trip in 2hrs. Same aircraft can make the same trip in 1h 50 min if flown with the wind.

Find the speed of the aircraft. how do you find the speed and what equation would it be to represent going into the wind and with the wind? 
Help Asap Please Math Calculus Geometry


Pre calculus question !!!

How many solutions does the equation sin(x) sin(2x) sin(3x)... sin(11x) sin(12x) = 0 have in the interval (0,π ] ?    (a) 11   (b) 12   (c) 24   (d) 46   (e) 68
Help Asap Please


if I have a box of 250 lemons and 63 are found to be bad what percentage of lemons are bad and hoe do you find the answer on a calculator

I may be getting a job inspecting produce but I forgot how to find a percentage 

help please! asap!

Solve each equation. A. 1/3 a= -5 b. 12-b=12.5 c. -0.1= -10c

help please? like this hour!

Select all the true statements.2.3+(-2.3) is equal to zero.(-3.7)+(-4.1) is positive.-2.6 − (-124) is positive.52+(-2.5) is negative.72 − (-100) is negative.
Help Asap Please


Algebra Questions

Wendy bought 3.74 pounds of swiss cheese at $6.29 per pound and 1.34 pounds of provolone cheese at $6.29 per pound. Which expression does NOT show the total cost, in dollars, of her purchase? out... more
Help Asap Please Algebra 2 Solving Inequalities


would "lx-4lLess than 3" be written as an "and" or "Or"

if so why? I really need help.


write a system of equations modeling the given conditions. then solve the system by the substitution method and find the two numbers

write a system of equations modeling the given conditions. then solve the system by the substitution method and find the two numbers. the difference between two numbers is 3. the sum of the larger... more
Help Asap Please


help me please

A daredevil fires himself from a cannon directly upwards with an initial velocity of 44 m/s. How high will the daredevil go before beginning to fall. (Round to the tenths place)
Help Asap Please


help me please

A piano is dropped from a military cargo plane.  The plane is flying at a cruising altitude of 10000m, and begins to plummet. If the piano falls for 12 second, its velocity at this point will be... more
Help Asap Please Calculus


Use the first five terms of the Taylor’s series of the logarithmic series

(when 𝑎 = 0) to evaluate ln (0.4) approximately. Answer to 4 d.p. What is the exact value of ln (0.4) using the calculator (answer to 4 d.p.)?
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f(x)=x^2, but shifted 2 units to the left, nine units up, and reflected in the x-axis

 isdcscsxcscsdcsdcsdcsdcd nb vbdvsjdvsjhcvsdcvhsdvcsdvcsdvcsd
Help Asap Please



sin (n + 1)x sin (n + 2)x + cos (n + 1)x cos (n + 2)x = cos prove it
Help Asap Please


Find the coordinates of the other endpoint of a segment with the given endpoint E and midpoint M. E (14,1) and M (2,13)

I cannot figure this out! Please help!
Help Asap Please


caren has 2 times as many stickers on her notebook as samaya together they have 14 stickers how many stickers are on samaya notebo

I need help with my study guide and i don't know the answer so can u help me. 

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