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Final Exams Exam


for my final mark

I have an assignment that is 10% of my mark and I didn’t hand it in. My exam is worth 20% and I’m currently at 62%. If I do somewhat good on the exam (more than a 50%) will I pass? A passing mark... more


Find the height of the mountain to the nearest foot.

Bob is driving along a straight and level road straight toward a mountain.  At some point on his trip, hemeasures the angle of elevation to the top of the mountain and finds it to be 24° 10′. He... more


8(cos 90° + i sin 90°)/3(cos 30° + i sin 30°)

Find the following quotient, and write the quotient in rectangular form, using exact values. 8(cos 90° + i sin 90°)/3(cos 30° + i sin 30°)


Find the product

Find the product. Write the product in rectangular form, using exact values. [4 cis 300°] [5 cis 120°]


Find the angle between the given vectors to the nearest tenth of a degree.

Find the angle between the given vectors to the nearest tenth of a degree.a = 7i + 2j,   b = -6i + 6j


How far apart are A and B (to the nearest yard)?

Two points A and B are on opposite sides of a building. A surveyor chooses a third point C 76 yd from B and102 yd from A,  with angle ACB measuring 55.6°.  How far apart are A and B (to the nearest... more


How much does the boat weigh?

A force of 501 lb is required to pull a boat up a ramp inclined at 25° with the horizontal.  How much does theboat weigh?


With what frequency does the spring oscillate?

Suppose that a weight on a spring has initial position s(0) and period P. If s(0) = -5 in. and P = 2.5 sec, find afunction s given by s(t) = a cos ωtthat models the displacement of the... more
Final Exams


How many questions do I need to study?

my professor gave us 14 questions to study for the exam. he will list 7 of them on the exam. out of these 7, we only have to answer 4. how many out of the 14 questions do i need to study to be sure... more
Final Exams


Our exams are worth 20% of our class grade how much is that

I'm a senior &we take our final exams next week  I'm passing all my classes and some barely with a D . If 20% is taken from that grade how much would it really be alot ??


Choose the polynomial written in standard form

A. 2x2y2 + 3x4y + 10x6 B. 4x4y2 + 6x3y5 + 10x C. -3x8y2 + 9x2y + 10x2  D. -7x6y2 + x3y8 + 10x2
Final Exams


6. An air freight company has determined that the cost, in dollars, of delivering parcels per flight is C(x)=2025+7x

An air freight company has determined that the cost, in dollars, of delivering parcels per flight is  C(x)=2025+7x The price per parcel, in dollars, the company charges to send x parcels is... more
Final Exams


Final grade percentage

If I have a 52 Percent and my final is worth 10 percent of my grade and I got a B what will my overall grade be ? 
Final Exams


Will my grade go up or down ?

i have a 78 in geometry, my final was worth 20% of our grade & I made a 81 , will that brink my grade up a point or two ?? All I need is 2 points .
Final Exams Precalculus


need help preparing for final exam .

1.solve for x a)4x+2=64x b)(1/8)2x+1 = 32 x-3 c) 35x =27x-1 d)xx-2=5x
Final Exams Precalculus Math Help


need step by step help as i have final coming up and I have forgot lots and I cant find my notes.

1) Find exact value using sum or difference identities or double angle identities a) tan 105 b)cos 75   2) solve for x a)2sin2x-3sinx-2=0 ,    0≤x<2Ω b)cos2x = cotx sinx ,    0≤x<360°
Final Exams


If btc charges 40 cents for each out going local phone calls and how much can I make with 20$

This question was on my exam and paper and I have to learn how to do it for the text tomorrow 
Final Exams


I currently have a 66.1% in my class. My final is worth 10% of my grade, lets say at the lowest I get a 50-60%, what will my final grade be?

I just want to know what my grade will be. 
Final Exams Precalculus


Sequence questions final exam review questions that are giving me trouble.

1. For the sequence 3,7,11,15, ... find:   a)The value of the 15th term   b)sum of the first 11 terms        I know it's easy just to keep adding by 4 until 15 but can you do it through the... more
Final Exams Grade


I have 3 tests in my class each one is 1/3 of my grade. I've taken 1 test and I got an 80 on it. There are no + or - for the final letter grade

What grades do I need on the other 2 tests to get a 90 or higher for my final grade?
Final Exams


Final exam

The stopping distance of a car, taking into account an average reaction time, can be estimated with the formula d=0.05v ^2+1.5, where d is in feet and v is the speed in miles per hour. For each... more

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