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Final Exam College General Chemistry Semester 2

I currently have a 78% in gen chem II at my college and need a 98% on the final to get up to an 80% to end with a B in the course. I am okay with a C however I really really want the B. Is that... more


Express the complex number in polar form

Express the complex number in polar form and use DeMoivreʹs Theorem to find the given power. Write your answer inrectangular form. Give your answer in exact form unless otherwise specified. 29) (-... more


Find the product

Find the product. Write the product in rectangular form, using exact values. [4 cis 300°] [5 cis 120°]


In how many seconds will the projectile strike the ground?

A projectile is fired with an initial velocity of 500 feet per second at an angle of 45° with the horizontal. In howmany seconds will the projectile strike the ground? (Round your answer to the... more


How far apart are A and B (to the nearest yard)?

Two points A and B are on opposite sides of a building. A surveyor chooses a third point C 76 yd from B and102 yd from A,  with angle ACB measuring 55.6°.  How far apart are A and B (to the nearest... more
Final Exam


Ap Government Class.

Currently have a 87% in my class. However, my final is worth 10%, I was wondering if I failed the final, would I still pass the course ?


Help! Please! Biology final question and I can't find anywhere in the book or online.

is it a set list of steps? Is it a formula? I cannot find it anywhere and its on my biology final. What steps are followed to sequence the gene for sickle cell anemia?  Thank you in advance!!

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