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How should I control my nervousness, so as not to disturb my presentation on the day of a conference?

My paper is successfully accepted in a very prestigious and reputable conference, to be presented orally in one of the presentation sessions. This is my first time that I am going to give such a... more

Useful strategies for answering "dumb" questions in a talk?

It has often been said that there is no such thing as a dumb question. And yet - perhaps due only to inattention, lack of sleep, or hunger - otherwise brilliant people sometimes manage to ask some... more


What is the significance of the overview slide in a presentation?

The first slide which follows the title page of my presentation is the overview slide. It has the title for each section to follow in the talk (thank you Latex!).My question is how much time is to... more

Goal for 20min. presentation at math conference?

I've been invited to give a 20 minute talk at a mathematics conference in a couple months. The audience members all work in my field, so they will be familiar with most of the terminology and... more


Should I add references to conference presentations?

I am preparing a CS conference presentation and wondering how can I handle the references. I am thinking about three different possibilities: 1. Ignore them! 2. Just list them at the end of the... more


Signed up for conference, having second thoughts?

My advisor suggested that I should sign up for a conference, which I did - I now have to give a 15 minute talk. However, the conference is taking place very far from me (+20 hour flight), and I am... more


How to deal with presentation time running out in a scientific conference?

I understand that it is not a good idea to speak more after your time is out during a conference presentation. So we generally distribute our total times among each slide depending the contents and... more


When scheduling talks in a conference session, what is the etiquette, if any, regarding placement of multiple talks from the same research group?

I am the lead co-organizer of a symposium at a technical conference later this year. The abstract submissions are now closed, and I'm working on slotting the talks into sessions. With the number... more


Talks vs. poster presentations: Which is better for advertising your research and building research networks?

I'm looking into applying to present at a conference for undergraduates in mathematics this summer. When I apply, I have to either apply to give a talk (~20 minutes) or present a poster.From what... more


As a presenter, should I attend all days of conference?

Recently, I have a paper accepted at an IEEE conference, and I am supposed to present my paper orally at the conference. The programs have been released, and it is a four day conference. I am... more

Overcoming nerves from anticipating conference questions?

My field is atmospheric physics.The irony is that I have been a school teacher for over a decade, but soon, I'll be giving a presentation of some of my findings at a conference. I think that the... more

How to present a review paper at a conference?

I sent an abstract of a review paper for oral presentation to a conference, and it was accepted. The presentation will be about the most important developments and contributions made in the last... more


Should the slides in a presentation be self-explanatory or be as minimal as possible?

When you do a research presentation, what is usually the focus that you take.Some professors tell me to make the slides as self explanatory as possible, and I quote:> Someone should be able to... more

Is there added value in having your own presentation layout and using it consistently?

From the perspective of a Ph.D. student, how much of an added value is it to have your own presentation slides layout, that is used consistently throughout your Ph.D. conference presentations and... more

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