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Newcomers' Presentation?

My company has decided to organize a staff meeting event next week to break the ice between employees and I'm glad that they did. There are six newcomers joined the team within four months... more


How can I be productive at unproductive meetings?

I work for a manager that is very fond of meetings. The problem is, however, that more than half of these meetings are both unnecessary and wasteful. For example, we have a regularly scheduled... more
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When to print off presentations for the audience?

I will be giving a presentation shortly to some of the higher ups about what I did this summer as an intern. In some student presentations I've seen at University and at conferences, the presenter... more


How can I control questions asked during a presentation?

When people give presentations in my company, other members interrupting the flow of the presentation with questions/discussions on minor points can make the presentation lose focus. Personally I... more


Using employer's resources while job interviewing?

I'm currently employed, and have been with the same company A since grad school (6 years). After applying for a job at company B, I've been invited to an on-site interview in 19 days. It is a... more
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How to present technical presentation with huge amount of information?

I was invited to one of the biggest QA events (expected more than 400+ professionals) in my country with topic about performance testing.The information I would like to cover is:* Install two... more
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Handling Tough Questions in Presentations?

Today, I gave a presentation in front of a group of my manager and a several executives. I spent a long time preparing for it as there were a lot important people attending.It was going well until... more

Interview Presentation Advice - Workplace or Hobby Related?

I have an interview next week, and I have been asked to prepare a presentation on something I am passionate about. I am torn between covering a hobby as a topic or something work related and was... more


How do I give feedback when I know more about the topic than the presenter?

I believe I have specialized expertise in a specific area of technology. At work, I often have to sit through presentations given by others in the same area of technology that I have expertise... more


How to introduce myself in 10 minutes?

I am invited to an interview and was asked to prepare an introduction of myself and my proficiency, i.e. explain briefly my CV and an example project I am currently working at. I was given a time... more


Concerned with my boss presenting my project/presentation?

About 8 months ago, a coworker and I worked on a project which lasted about 4 months to complete. After completion, we as a team presented the findings to 3 different groups of increasing... more


How to protect yourself from being misrepresented by others?

This can be a problem stemming either from the boss, or co-workers competing for promotions. Examples include(what other people do) - writing inaccurate details in email causing other people(who... more


How should I respond to observations from customers during software product demos?

I'm not sure if this question is placed in the right site but this is my workplace, and this site often discusses diplomacy in the workplace. I'm a software developer and I'm not very skilled in... more
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Does using notes during a presentation indicate a lack of preparation or self confidence?

Is it a good idea to use notes during a presentation/demonstration, such as delivering a PowerPoint presentation of a mobile project in my organization to my colleagues, or does that indicate lack... more
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Former boss asking me to do presentations?

My former boss who is a manager in the company regularly asks me to do work for him. I have that under control as my current boss backs me up and I can take on the assignments I find interesting... more
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How to build the skill to explain ideas for my design work?

I am a fashion designer working in the US.I came from Asia last year, luckily got a job in the US.At work, I always need to explain my work during the design meeting, I have difficult time to... more


Presentation about a complex problem for a Second-Stage Job Interview?

I will soon be attending a second stage job interview with an IT firm specializing in security systems and financial fraud prevention.I have been asked to prepare a 20 minute presentation regarding... more
Presentations Creativity


how to make my presentation creative

I have to do a presentation in my college writing class on a book we read about farming. The category I get to present on is the decline in migrant farm workers in a certain area. My presentation... more
Presentations Spanish School


I need help to make a spanish presentation about a famous celebrity.

I have gotten a task to make a spanish presentation about a celebrity, and i have no idea how to do that (in spanish). so a site that is better than google at translating would be useful or just... more

I am doing a presentation over choosing a career and i need help finding a short video clip!

i need a video clip that is no longer than 4 minutes that explains how to decide on a career and tips on how interests can also affect the decisions made.

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