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What are the best ways to learn a foreign language?

What activities can I do to learn English quickly while having fun?
Communication Language Study Skills


Why learning Spanish is important?

Cultural references, more opportunities, confidence, embrace your intelligence...
Communication English Writing Essay Writing


How can I write an effective conclusion to a persuasive essay?

I've written the introduction and body paragraphs of my paper, but I am not sure what to write in my conclusion. Is the conclusion supposed to be the same as the introduction?


Are you in need to learn Spanish?

Spanish is the second spoken language in the United States. Are you trying to pratice speaking Spanish so you don't forget it, or are you trying to learn Spanish as a beginner? Well, I would love... more


groups can ensure effective interculture communication by


Where can I find this sociology study?

Scientists went to a beach and set up their towels really close to another subject on the beach. The people being encroached on exhibited hostility and irritability at the proximity. Then the... more
Communication Public Speaking


When would you not use safety signs as a form of communication?

Communication Psychology


What strategies would you apply when dealing with difficult group members? Examine the relevance of each strategy.

What strategies would you apply when dealing with difficult group members? Examine the relevance of each strategy.Consider This:On the surface, it helps to create a win-win situation.
Communication Psychology


Analyze the various spatial zones that people have around them. Explain each zone and provide one example 

 Analyze the various spatial zones that people have around them. Explain each zone and provide one example Consider This: Some people prefer greater personal space when they are under stress


How can I control questions asked during a presentation?

When people give presentations in my company, other members interrupting the flow of the presentation with questions/discussions on minor points can make the presentation lose focus. Personally I... more


How should a non-technical person define tasks for technicians?

I need to explain the needs for integration of a web-based service on our website to the programmers. I want to find out the best structure for such a request.How should I describe the features I... more


How do I communicate my research with a general audience more effectively?

I really enjoyed my research but it happens that whenever I tell somebody about it, I have the impression I'm making it sound boring, unimportant and not exciting.Americans have a way of telling a... more


How do you plan for risks in your project's estimates?

I have been working on the risk-management topic in software development for a while. According to the different literature there could be knowns knowns (typical risks), known unknowns (product... more


How do you answer the question "tell me about yourself"?


Why do we have to exhale (or inhale) in order to speak?

Every time we speak, sing, or make any other kind of advanced noise with our throats, we exhale, or to put it that way, blow air through our throats. Why is this required? After all, speakers do... more


How should a project manager capture decisions?

As a project goes through the planning and design phases, many decisions will be made. To develop with technology X instead of technology Y. To leave feature z off of the plan for this version of... more


What is a theoretical framework

Hi,  My professor gave these instructions:  You will apply a theoretical framework to one of the films you’ve seen so far. Pick one of the articles below and discuss the ideas presented. Use the... more


Public Speaking as an Interactive Communication Process

What is the means by which we communicate? A) Channel B) Source C) Interference D) Feedback


The Inverse Square Law

Hi, I have a hard time understanding the concept of the Inverse Square Law, and hence, answering this question. Please help!   The inverse square law for the intensity of light explains why we... more

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