10 Answered Questions for the topic Etiquette

How to respond to “philosophical” questions that aim to undermine a position or derail a discussion?

A colleague of mine enjoys using philosophical questions to undermine ideas that are different to his own and to derail discussions that are not in his favour. At first I thought he was offering... more


How to engage in discussion after a presentation on an unfamiliar topic?

Sometimes I am in a conference presentation or seminar which there are only a handful of audiences, and after the presentation the atmosphere simply urges the audiences to ask questions or the... more

How to deal with presentation time running out in a scientific conference?

I understand that it is not a good idea to speak more after your time is out during a conference presentation. So we generally distribute our total times among each slide depending the contents and... more

When scheduling talks in a conference session, what is the etiquette, if any, regarding placement of multiple talks from the same research group?

I am the lead co-organizer of a symposium at a technical conference later this year. The abstract submissions are now closed, and I'm working on slotting the talks into sessions. With the number... more


How to greet the audience at the beginning of a PhD defense talk/presentation?

I'll be giving a 30-min public talk as a part of my PhD defense next month. It would be attended by the examination committee (consisting of my advisor and two examiners). I reckon that some... more

Should I include funny pictures in my slides?

I am preparing slides for a short (10min) talk at the group meeting. The talk is about a fairly serious piece of (pure) mathematics, and it so happens that there is a very relevant one-panel... more

As a presenter, should I attend all days of conference?

Recently, I have a paper accepted at an IEEE conference, and I am supposed to present my paper orally at the conference. The programs have been released, and it is a four day conference. I am... more

Should I lead an applause after introducing colloquium speaker?

I am introducing my first speaker at my university and, since the speaker is rather famous, I wrote a 1-2 minute introduction. The crowd will be interdisciplinary and between 100-400 people.Should... more


Is it good for the speaker to read notes during a presentation?

I am wondering whether it looks odd if a speaker reads notes during a presentation? I am asking this because, I noticed that a few presenters can’t present their work or research well due to... more


Should you apologise to a man when he opens the door and waits for you, but you ignore it?

Last week, I had internal exam. My examiner, who works as a professor in the same university that I study in, was not happy with my performance and asked me to repeat the exam at a later stage. If... more

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