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What is the significance of the overview slide in a presentation?

The first slide which follows the title page of my presentation is the overview slide. It has the title for each section to follow in the talk (thank you Latex!).My question is how much time is to... more


Why do most people think it's a bad idea to read from slides?

As many of you probably know, almost all advice regarding doing better academic talks includes universal advice to *not* put too many words in any one slide, and to *not* read straight from slides... more

Should I include funny pictures in my slides?

I am preparing slides for a short (10min) talk at the group meeting. The talk is about a fairly serious piece of (pure) mathematics, and it so happens that there is a very relevant one-panel... more

Should the slides in a presentation be self-explanatory or be as minimal as possible?

When you do a research presentation, what is usually the focus that you take.Some professors tell me to make the slides as self explanatory as possible, and I quote:> Someone should be able to... more

Is there added value in having your own presentation layout and using it consistently?

From the perspective of a Ph.D. student, how much of an added value is it to have your own presentation slides layout, that is used consistently throughout your Ph.D. conference presentations and... more

What should be put in the final slide when preparing teaching presentations?

When preparing my PowerPoint slides for a lecture, I often find myself wondering what to put as the final slide.For presentations in industry, when not in a university setting, I often have a final... more

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