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Multiple Choice Statistics Sampling Survey


Statistics multiple choice

To determine the favorite summer break destination of college students, 10 colleges are randomly selected from the United States and all students are surveyed at each of the selected colleges. This... more
Multiple Choice Math Probability Decimals


Multiple Choice Probability Math Question

An analyst examining the analytics for her company's web site reports that the probability is 0.07 that a visitor will view the page concerning a newsletter subscription, and 0.04 that a visitor... more
Multiple Choice Math Probability Percents


Multiple Choice Probability Question

From a random sample of 1000 Washington adults, it is discovered that there is a probability of 62% that a person drinks alcohol on a regular basis. The given probability is an example of... more
Multiple Choice Math Precalculus Finance



1.Kevin's hydro-electric company charges a 1.7% late fee on an overdue balance. The company charged him $0.76 for an overdue balance. What was the balance on which this fee was based? A) $26.84 ... more
Multiple Choice Algebra 2 Help


The function g(x) varies directly with x^2 and g(x)=50 when x=10

Need help with solving and then graphing this question because I don't understand how to do it at all.UPDATE: It's a multiple choice question with 4 graphs, the first one has the usual U shaped... more
Multiple Choice Math Math Help


How do i approach this

3. Solve for n, |2n+1|=-n+1(a) There are no solutions(b) There is only one solution(c) There are two solutions(d) There are three solutions
Multiple Choice Algebra 2 10th Grade


Which description is correct for the x-intercept(s) of Function A and Function B?

Function A:x     g(x)−4    −33        00      −22      −11        0Function B: f(x)=|x|−2     Both functions have the same number of x-intercepts.Function B has two x-intercepts.Function A has... more
Multiple Choice Important


what is equivalent to 1.800?

these are the choices i was given.   A. 1.008 B. 1.080 C. 1.08 D. 1.80 E. 1.8
Multiple Choice Math Functions Math Help


Multiple Choice

The question says to select all that satisfy the function, which is y= -4x - 3/4 A  (1, 3 1/4) B  (-1, 2 1/4) C  (3, -12 3/4) D  (15 1/4, -4)   What does it mean, 'satisfy the function'? How... more
Multiple Choice


a gift box has edges 4 and a quarter inches. how many cubes with side lenghts of a quarter inch would be needed to fill the gift box

i tried multiplying the number by six and the dividing but it didnt give me one of the answer choices 
Multiple Choice Word Problem Basic Math


Math word problem 2. Please help. It's multiple choice.

A fruit vendor had $467.98 cash on hand in the morning. Total cash receipts after selling fruits during afternoon were $984.56 and during night were $2,573.69. The fruit vendor gave $3,300 cash to... more
Multiple Choice Perimeter Area


Multiple choice Area/Perimeter

a rectangle has a length of 8cm and width of 6cm   Tick ONE of these boxesThe area is 86cm2 The area is 48cm2 The perimeter is 14cm The perimeter is 28cm2
Multiple Choice Multi Step equation


Texas Test Prep

Isaac is painting a wall that is 9 feet by 18 feet. So far, he has painted a part of the wall that is a 4 feet by 7 feet rectangle. What is the area of the part of the wall that Isaac has left to... more
Multiple Choice Math


Multiple Choice

If the average of a and b equals the average of a, b, and c, then express c in terms of a and b.   a. a + b b. 2(a+b) c. a+b/2 d. a+b/3
Multiple Choice Math Multiple Chocie


Solve and Choice

if 4x^2 = 13, then what is the value of (2x - 3)(2x - 3)?   a. 4 b. 22 - 6 times square root of 3 c. square root of 3 -9 d. -22


What does the speaker in "A Modest Proposal" claim is his motive for his plan?

A. an income from the sale of meat B. a good life for Irish children C. the good of the country D. the education of the Irish
Multiple Choice Word Problem


Which systems of equations could be used to determine how much should be mixed to get 2 liters of the 40% solution?

He only has a 25% solution and a 75% solution available. He wants to make a 40% solution of a certain solvent. Answers: A.) x+y=2                             B.) x+y=2     .25x+.75y=.40        ... more
Multiple Choice Word Problem


Bob says he has 3 kids, the product of their ages is 72, and his youngest child called Justice. Correctly determine the ages of Bob's children.

Answer Choices:2, 6, 61, 8, 92, 3, 123, 4, 6
Multiple Choice Exponents Variables Shsat


If m^2 - n^2 > 0 and m + n < 0 , which of the following MUST be true? ~ (Answer choices are in Description!)

A) m - n > 0 B) n - m > 0 C) n - m < 0 D) m - n < 0 E) n2 - m2 >0


Human Anatomy (multiple choice) (introductory question)

The difference between a tubercle and a trochanter is that a) The tubercle is where two bones come together, a trochanter is an area of muscle attachmentb) A tubercle is where muscle tendons attach... more
Multiple Choice Percentage Math Question


The half-life of carbon-14 is 5,730 years.

  Assuming you start with 100% of carbon-14, what is the expression for the percent, P(t), of carbon-14 that remains in an organism that is t years old and what is the percent of carbon-14... more
Multiple Choice Mean


Given weights 3.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 2.5, what is the mean? (Multiple choice)

The answer choices are: A) 3.0 plus or minus 0 B) 3.0 plus or minus 0.25 C) 3.0 plus or minus 0.5   Please explain! Thank you so much in advance!
Multiple Choice Mean Math Word Problem


On average the acorn weighs... (given 4 weights) THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

You are given 4 acorn weights (in grams): 3.0, 3.0, 3.5, and 2.5 On average the acorn weighs... A) 3.0 plus or minus 0g B) 3.0 plus or minus 0.25g C) 3.0 plus or minus 0.50g   Please explain!... more
Multiple Choice Algebra 2 Precalculus


Identify the beginning of a sample period for the function: (Please help no one answers my questions)

f (t) = 4sec(3t −6π)   a. x=2pi b. x=1 c. x=2pi/3 d. x=pi

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